The German Village Commission and German Village Society presented three awards each Wednesday, May 13, during the annual Caretakers of a Legacy Awards program.

The German Village Commission and German Village Society presented three awards each Wednesday, May 13, during the annual Caretakers of a Legacy Awards program.

The awards are our most mission-centric ceremony of the year, reflect the partnership between the Commission and Society, and are scheduled during national Preservation Month to best help us embrace our tagline: Caretakers of a Legacy.

The German Village Commission honorees are:

* The Preservation Award -- 747 Jaeger St. -- Sally & Jeff Jaynes.

This accolade is awarded to a property owner in recognition of an outstanding example of restoration, preservation or maintenance of a property or architectural element in German Village.

Gutters are a commonly overlooked aspect of buildings even though they're critically important. Gutter styles, which were popular in the past, might not be common today.

This is the case with the stop gutters at 747 Jaeger. Stop gutters are integrated into the edge of a roof and many in German Village have been removed and the area covered with shingles. The gutters were covered in part due to the neglect of the neighborhood pre-1960s community revitalization.

Through the proper restoration of the gutters at 747 Jaeger, Sally and Jeff Jaynes have restored the original rooflines of their historic cottage and enhanced their well-preserved slate roof.

* The Commissioners Award -- 704 S. Fifth St. -- Ronald Marshall.

This honor is awarded each year to a property owner in recognition of a recently completed project that contributes to the architectural, historic and aesthetic character of German Village and that shows sensitivity to the streetscape and surrounding properties.

New construction in an historic district can be fraught with issues, such as massing, height and detailing.

Garages are not always perceived as structures with design because of their utilitarian function, but a well-designed garage cannot be overlooked.

The new garage belonging to Ronald Marshall exemplifies what it means to be contemporary, but compatible.

This one-car garage on Purdy Alley is unobtrusive, allowing it to fit seamlessly into the flow of the alleyscape. The garage is set near an historic residence, concrete block garages and newer garages, but there is no misconception that it is historic. Instead, the garage tastefully adds to the alley with its minimal design

* The Chairman's Award -- Stewart Elementary School.

This award is presented to a property owner, an individual, an organization, or a business entity in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the historic, architectural, or aesthetic character of German Village and to the community's quality of life.

The re-opening of Stewart Alternative Elementary School is another step in German Village's return to the historic way of life that integrates shops, restaurants, residences and schools.

Like many structures in the neighborhood, it has done so while taking on a decidedly 21st century flavor.

Restoration of its historic sections has been first rate, while additions have met that most difficult challenge of being compatible but contemporary.

Most importantly, Columbus Public Schools partnership with Southside STAY ensures German Village residents have a neighborhood school once more.

During this year's annual Haus und Garten tour June 29, you can tour Stewart Alternative Elementary from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and appreciate the improvements to the structure, which thoughtfully highlight the historic details.

Three awards were given by German Village Society. I'll highlight those next week. Stay tuned.

German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column.