If the Columbus City Attorney's Office has its way, some local thieves will spend part of the holiday season in jail.

If the Columbus City Attorney's Office has its way, some local thieves will spend part of the holiday season in jail.

The office has released the city's annual Holiday Hoodlums list, which includes Jason Abrahamson, Ronnie Lee Grubb, Lisa Marie Hicks and Aron Ray Kinder.

Assistant City Attorney Bill Hedrick, who said the four's crimes appear to be unrelated, were chosen from among 1,009 people who are wanted on outstanding warrants for theft. Multiple warrants have been issued for Abrahamson, Grubb, Hicks and Kinder, he said.

Of the four Holiday Hoodlums named last year, Darnell Miller is still on the loose.

Hedrick said he puts out the list when holiday shopping is in full swing.

"Shoplifters do become more active around Christmas because the stores are filled with more shoppers," he said. "They blend in with other shoppers and do their own style of shopping."

There have been 4,318 theft charges filed in the city this year. The value of items recovered by in-store loss-prevention units was $650,854. The average value of each theft was $151.

Hedrick said heroin continues to be a driving force behind the thefts.

"It's pushed the numbers up completely, how many people are stealing," he said.

Those on this year's list:

* Abrahamson, 36, of Bruckner Road on the city's South Side, has been charged with crimes more than 25 times in Franklin County and is wanted on two warrants for stealing several tool kits with a total value of $1,586.

According to Hedrick, Abrahamson's criminal history includes charges of aggravated menacing, domestic violence, felonious assault, intimidation of a witness by force or threat, disorderly conduct, burglary, driving under suspension, deception to illegally obtain drugs, criminal damaging, violation of a protection order and knowingly causing physical harm.

* Grubb, 33, of East Town Street in the city's Olde Towne East neighborhood, is wanted on four warrants for a series of thefts in which he is accused of stealing two vacuum cleaners valued at $360, 24 boxes of diapers valued at $390 and 12 bottles of laundry detergent valued at $168. Grubb's past criminal history includes charges of aggravated menacing, assault, OVI and driving under suspension.

* Hicks, 28, of Harmon Avenue on the South Side, is charged with three counts of theft for allegedly stealing more than $380 worth of video games and personal-hygiene products. Her past criminal charges include hit-skip/leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a license and deception to illegally obtain drugs.

* Kinder, 23, whose last known address was Cemetery Road in Hilliard, has four warrants issued for his arrest for an assortment of crimes.

He is accused of stealing two bottles of men's fragrance valued at $168 and more than $400 worth of shrimp, steak, ribs, ground chuck, root beer and laundry detergent.

His previous criminal record, according to Hedrick, includes charges of domestic violence, assault, criminal damaging, driving under suspension, possessing drug-abuse instruments, illegally carrying a deadly weapon and several counts of aggravated menacing.

Anyone with information about the Hoodlums can contact Hedrick at 614-645-8874 or brhedrick@columbus.gov.