Every village has a different story.

Every village has a different story.

In our village, we have multiple neighborhoods coming together under the unified goal of helping each other age in community.

Whether big or small, each contribution made to our village was pivotal to the creation of the successful organization Village Connections is today.

Every meeting over coffee (or wine), every conversation at the grocery, every light bulb change, ride to an appointment, or friendly visit -- they are all part of the Village Connections story.

As members, you invited me into your homes to hear your stories. Stories of your lives, filled with hard work, fun, and family.

Each family was unique, some made up of blood relatives and many made from friends and neighbors. I am so honored to have the gift of hearing these stories firsthand and I cherish my time spent with each of you.

As volunteers, you told me your interests and passion for helping your neighbors. You shared your past experiences and motivation for giving your time to the village.

I was inspired on a daily basis at your willingness and enthusiasm to volunteer. Thank you for the countless hours spent with members and for the inspirations you gave me.

As board members, you brought this vision of neighbors helping neighbors to life. Your dedication to this organization is unlike anything I have experienced before.

The next chapter in the Village Connections story will look familiar. Neighbors helping neighbors in a healthy and active community.

There will undoubtedly be new additions and improvements, which will ensure many more successful years. Our village will continue to do great things in our even greater neighborhoods.

In the end, I hope I gave you a mere fraction of what you gave me. I am grateful for the time I had with Village Connections and with all those involved. To every member, volunteer, board member, friend, and neighbor, I sincerely thank you.

Former Village Connections executive director Katie White submitted the Village Notebook column.