People from throughout the world and the city visit German Village, live in German Village, and love German Village.

People from throughout the world and the city visit German Village, live in German Village, and love German Village.

German Village is not only valuable to neighborhood residents, but to the greater Columbus area.

Over the past nine months, six stretches of sidewalks have been fixed by more than 60 volunteers.

What makes the workshops that have occurred in German Village this May a bit different than the ones last summer is: We are fixing sidewalks with new community partners -- and they live outside our borders.

The German Village Society partnered with Abercrombie & Fitch and Hastings Middle School to improve three sidewalks in one month.

Abercrombie & Fitch uses German Village to recruit new hires, and in turn many of their employees live in German Village.

German Village is an asset to all Columbus area corporations, because their employees love German Village for the same reasons we do -- the restaurants, the architecture, the feel of Europe in the Midwest, etc.

German Village is a place everyone can call home. To improve our neighborhood's corporate relationship, Abercrombie & Fitch reached out to the German Village Society to learn about potential partnerships earlier in 2016.

Abercrombie & Fitch not only committed to providing employees to repair two sidewalks, they are staffing volunteers for a Haus und Garten Tour home.

Every year, Hastings Middle School's German language students visit German Village to learn how the immigrants live and how architecture reflects the evolving cultural beliefs.

This year, German language instructor Marlis Fischer received a grant to bus the students to do a service project.

After hearing about the German Village's sidewalk workshops, she thought that would be a perfect fit for her eighth-graders.

Half of the German language students assisted in fixing a sidewalk, reinforcing the importance of preserving the past, and the other half helped lay mulch in Schiller Park, ensuring the historic park stays vibrant all year.

Educating the next generation how to be a caretaker of the past, ensures German Village will be preserved in the future.

These workshops not only improve German Village's walkability, but they inspire other communities.

Marysville, Ohio, saw photographs of our workshops on social media and called to inquire how these workshops are facilitated.

After hearing these workshops are guided by a professional landscaper, and done through volunteer work, they decided they want to attend one of our future workshops to participate and learn first-hand!

No matter where you live, German Village can be your home -- a place where you make a positive impact, and a community that leads preservation initiatives.

By hosting sidewalk workshops for non-residents, we are ensuring that German Village stays important for the greater-Columbus area.

Stay tuned after the Haus und Garten Tour for more volunteer workshops led in partnership by the German Village Society and Bello Giardino Landscaping.

Make your impact on the neighborhood, and help fix a sidewalk.

German Village Society Historic Preservation Advocate Sarah Marsom submitted the Village Notebook column.