The big weekend has arrived.

The big weekend has arrived.

For 10 months, volunteers have been working alongside staff to create our 57th annual Haus und Garten Tour.

Our chairwomen -- Linda Gorsuch and Susan Salt -- rounded up 13 stops (one is a bonus stop for PreTour only).

Our PreTour chairmen -- Terri Dickey, Betty Garrett and Joshua Zimmerman -- found 35 hosts to serve 25 dinners on Saturday.

Neither of those teams would've been complete without Bert Stevens. Or the guidance and positivity of the event's board liaison Brittany Gibson, or hand-holder and number cruncher extraordinaire Darci Congrove.

Starting around February, the full core team joined those leaders.

I owe so much gratitude to Keriann Ours, Mary Marsh, Scott Burns, Lori Costabile, Joe Gibson, Jim Million, Bill Curlis, Sarah Irvin-Clark, Jim Wiggin, Nancy Little, Dan Kline, Maureen Gharitty, Toni Hudson, Sarah Kasey, Rita Marker, Sarah and Bryan Martin, Nick Reshan and Roberta Zimmerman.

Plus dozens of sponsors -- you really MUST read every page of our program this weekend to see the full breadth of those who put forward their resources to make this event a success.

Chief among them is the presenting sponsor, Vutech & Ruff.

Hundreds of you have bought tickets. Hundreds more are signed up with Bonnie Mitchell to volunteer your time to make the weekend work (Bonnie counts 523 volunteer shifts this year!).

It isn't too late for you to make this event special for our expected 4,000 visitors.

Maybe get over to Giant Eagle before the weekend and pick up your $18 discounted ticket.

If you got member tickets in the mail and can't use them, be an ambassador for our neighborhood and send them to a friend from another neighborhood or city.

Clean up your own yard, water the plants, use this as your excuse to finally pull the weeds from between your bricks, trim the tree, polish the mailbox.

People come year after year after year because some part of them wants to experience your life for a day. Your life as a Villagers -- part of a beautifully preserved neighborhood that first and foremost is a tight-knit community where we look out for each other.

Let's all pull together and show 'em what we've got.

And, thank you, for the role you play to make it a success.

German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column.