I love a good nostalgia kick -- that feeling that washes over you where you cringe about, and long for, your acid-wash jeans at the same time.

I love a good nostalgia kick -- that feeling that washes over you where you cringe about, and long for, your acid-wash jeans at the same time.

OK. Well, that's my nostalgia. And the reason my iPod is littered with '80s and '90s pop music, including Boyz II Men.

This week, I've had the refrain from their 1991 song "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye" looping in my head as we prepare to send German Village Society Historic Preservation Advocate Sarah Marsom off to her new gig.

Sarah has been a dreamed-about, fantasy teammate for the German Village Society since she arrived in January 2014.

She joined us with considerable preservation education gravitas and a varied background of internships, professional roles and part-time student work in preservation, tourism and volunteer management -- especially for someone so young.

But German Village is really where she got a chance to put her training and ideas into action. What better proving ground than a National Register district that is among the nation's oldest preservation districts?

Sarah jumped in with both feet, quickly understanding how our guidelines are interpreted by the German Village Commission. She did her homework -- even before she started -- understanding our traditions, our sensitivities and our untapped potential.

To be sure, she started out quiet and reserved, observing more than leading, experiencing each commission meeting, event or project and asking all kinds of good questions to people across the city.

Soon, she built all of that learning into a solid portfolio of German Village-centric projects and programs and grew our identity as a preservation innovator.

Sarah brought us:

* Text message service when your application was 15 minutes away from show time before the commission.

* She worked her network and dug up (pun intended) one of the original sandstone quarries in Ohio that provided curb material 100 years ago. We intend to add the quarry to the city's vendor list again in 2017!

* A comprehensive sidewalk improvement project, which was the top of our stakeholders' list of priorities for more than a decade.

* An archive digitization plan -- plus a management policy for our collection -- so anyone with access to the internet can experience our history.

* A coloring book designed to allow students to take home the architectural and German heritage lessons they learned on their field trip. Sarah brought this idea to her interview in the winter of 2013 and persisted until it finally went to print this week.

* More efficient internal systems for events, volunteers and office management.

This is not a comprehensive list.

And it doesn't begin to speak to the kind of person Sarah is: authentic, engaged, efficient and utterly devoted to German Village and preservation movement we helped to create.

My nostalgia for "the good ol' days when I learned every day, every minute from Sarah Marsom" are already kicking in. She leaves us as a proven leader in Columbus preservation.

I wish her every happiness as her career takes this next leap.

And I wish her back to volunteer for the Haus und Garten Tour 2017.

German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column.