by council

by council

Grandview Heights City Council last week approved a revision of the community plan related to the Grandview Commerce District.

The Commerce District is the portion of Grandview that includes the former Big Bear property, the site for Nationwide Realty Investors' Grandview Yard project.

The entire district is about 100 acres on the city's east side generally bounded by Third Avenue, the railroad tracks, Goodale Boulevard and Edgehill Drive.

The revised community plan for the district includes planning premises relating to development pattern, streets, density and mass, civic spaces, gateways, open space and environment, fiscal and regional outlook.

The process of revising the Commerce District plan began several years ago. It is meant to serve as a framework for officials making decisions regarding future development and growth in the district.

The premises include:

Grandview will collaborate with the private sector to transform the district into "an identifiable and robust mixed-use neighborhood (that should) consist of a mix of land uses" including residential.

The neighborhood will be organized along a main feature street that will permit vehicular commercial traffic to circulate between Third Avenue and Goodale Boulevard without disrupting existing neighborhoods.

Increased density is desired with a preference for development that maximizes the public revenue. Higher density development may be supported by parking garages, joint and shared parking arrangements and transit opportunities.

Space will be needed for civic activities; governmental buildings or recreation centers should be considered for inclusion in the neighborhood.

In other business, council approved an ordinance authorizing the city to file a grant application to the Ohio Department of Development's Ohio Job Ready Sites program.

The city will be seeking a grant of up to $5-million to be used to help pay for infrastructure costs associated with the Grandview Yard project.

At least 25 percent of the total costs for an eligible project must be paid for by local matching funds.

In other business, council approved an ordinance to appropriate $63,900 to cover the additional cost of the city's 2008 street improvement program.

The bid presented by Columbus Asphalt and Paving, which will be doing the work, was for $591,851.

The budget ordinance council approved for this year including $402,000 appropriated for the street improvement program.

The additional expenditure council approved will be reimbursed by the city of Columbus. The remainder of the street program's cost will be provided by sewer and water surcharges.

This year's street improvement program will include reconstruction work on Hope Avenue and resurfacing and waterline work on Bluff Avene.