Students in kindergarten through sixth grade displayed art, science and creative projects last Thursday at the annual Brain Blast creativity fair sponsored by the Grandview K-6 PTO.

Students in kindergarten through sixth grade displayed art, science and creative projects last Thursday at the annual Brain Blast creativity fair sponsored by the Grandview K-6 PTO.

In addition to the displays, third-grade students performed a musical salute to inventors under the direction of Stevenson music teacher Jim Shaw. The students were costumed as famous inventors.

The subjects of third-grader Penny Dow's display were also famous people -- the U.S. presidents.

While her exhibit included a school poster with the pictures of every president, Dow's display offered more details about her six favorite presidents -- Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler and George Washington.

"I just think they're the most interesting," Dow said. "I like them the best."

But FDR and John Tyler reign as her all-time favorite presidents.

"I like John Tyler because he had 15 children," Dow said.

Tyler was serving as vice president when Harrison became the first president to die in office.

"When he learned he was the new president, he was playing marbles with some of his children," Dow said. "I think that's pretty cool."

One of her favorite facts about FDR is that he collected stamps, she said.

"He collected more than 25,000 stamps," Dow said. "I like that he had a hobby like that and collected so many stamps, even when he was president."

Her own interest in presidents was sparked by last year's election, she said.

"I think I might run for president some day," Dow said. "I'd like to be president."

Second-grader Noah Gangloff displayed his love of Lego products. In addition to the Lego castle and helicopter he assembled, Gangloff also displayed creations of his own.

"It's like a little Lego town," he said of his display.

The display included a house and a park that Gangloff designed and built himself.

Not all is peaceful in the Lego town, however, as Gangloff also had a Lego police officer making an arrest by another building.

"This guy was just arrested for torture," Gangloff said. "That building is a torture house.

"He uses red ants and scorpions and spiders to torture people," Gangloff said, opening a secret compartment in the building where a number of little plastic scorpions, spiders and other creatures were stored.

Playing with Legos is fun "because you can build anything with them," he said. "And when you want something different, you just tear them down and start over."

Gangloff said he plays with his Lego pieces in his family's living room.

"Sometimes it gets a little messy," he acknowledged.

Fifth-grader Charlotte Gross brought her pet guinea pig Sarah to Brain Blast.

Her display included a number of photos of Sarah and information about guinea pigs.

"She's the best pet ever," Gross said. "She's really sweet and kind. I just love her."

Sarah's favorite foods include guinea pig pellets, lettuce, hay, cucumbers and carrots, "which are her dessert," Gross said.

Having a guinea pig as a pet means "you have to have a sense of responsibility to take care of it," she said. "Probably the biggest thing is you have to clean their cage regularly."

Sarah seemed to be spooked by the noise and activity of Brain Blast, she said.

"Usually, she's really friendly and lets you pet her, but she's not used to all these people," Gross said. "Everyone's coming up and saying, 'aw, she's so cute.'

"My friend Liz is absolutely in love with her," she said.

Fifth-grader Emma Pommering displayed creatures of another sort.

"Stretchyville," as she called her display, exhibited her collection of plastic "stretchy" toys.

Her collection started when she was one of the winners of a raffle at school, Pommering said.

"I don't know what it is about them that I like so much," Pommering said. "I just like that they are so stretchy. I want to keep collecting and find out what other kinds of creatures I can find."