The city of Grandview Heights will conduct a review of its zoning code over the next few months.

The city of Grandview Heights will conduct a review of its zoning code over the next few months.

The review could result in revisions or additions to the zoning code, said Patrik Bowman, the city's director of administration/economic development.

The process will begin with a joint meeting between the Grandview Board of Zoning Appeals and Planning Commission, he said. The meeting is expected to be held prior to the BZA's regular meeting on May 13.

Wendy Moeller of the Cincinnati-based McBride Dale Clarion planning and zoning consulting firm will lead the meeting, Bowman said.

The city has contracted the firm to serve as a consultant regarding the Grandview Yard project, but the zoning code review will include a consideration of the city's entire zoning code, he said.

"We'll be looking at the code from top to bottom," Bowman said.

He said the focus will be troubleshooting problems and concerns with the three main components of the zoning code, which are review procedures, zoning districts and use regulations and design and development standards.

One major issue will be the question of how best to implement the draft commercial and residential design guidelines presented to city council earlier this year by Benjamin D. Rickey, a historic preservation consulting firm, Bowman said.

"We want to really grapple with the question of can we implement those guidelines into our code," he said. "Do we need to create an architectural review board."

Currently, the BZA conducts an "appearance review," but the process is not really an architectural review, Bowman said.

"We need to determine whether we let the BZA and planning commission be our design review commissions or do we need to seat an architectural review board or hire someone to arbitrate those types of issues," he said.

The BZA has also identified a number of concerns it has about the code, including the standards relating to impervious surfaces, garage heights and accessory buildings, Bowman said.

Another key goal for the zoning code review will be to "better understand if not change the site plan review process," he said.

In addition to the zoning code review, the city is beginning a process to identify planning principles to guide zoning changes and other development decisions for the neighborhood adjacent to the Grandview Yard project area, Bowman said.

Property owners and residents in the area will be invited to attend a public workshop, he said. Details on the date and place of the meeting are to be determined.

The public's input will be sought to determine whether the neighborhood's stakeholders want it to maintain its current character or change as Grandview Yard develops, Bowman said.

The planning commission has proposed the study area include both Goodale and Northwest boulevards, he said.