Nearly 600 runners participated Saturday in the 32nd annual Great Pumpkin Run 5K race.

Nearly 600 runners participated Saturday in the 32nd annual Great Pumpkin Run 5K race.

"We had 598 runners who crossed the finish line, although we also had some people who jumped into the race. They arrived after the race had actually begun," recreation supervisor Marta Durban said.

The top finisher was Richard King, 24, of Columbus, with an overall time of 14:53.7.

"That was a pace not a whole lot more than four minutes a mile," Durban said. "He just flew and he didn't seem like he was having to work that hard."

Other top male finishers were David Mars, 32, of Westerville, with a time of 14:58.9 and William Keckeis of Columbus with a time of 15:12.2.

The top female time was posted by Kelly Gephart, 22, of Kent, who finished with a time of 17:14:1. Liz Maus, 26, of Dayton completed the race in 18:20.7 and Allison Wendt, 43, of Columbus finished at 21:23.

The top 10 male and female finishers received prizes.

"The weather was just perfect this year," Durban said. "It's was a really good day."

For the first time, the annual Tiny Tot Pumpkin Trot was held the same day as the Pumpkin Run.

About 18 youngsters ages 3-6 got to run down Oakland Avenue and cross the finish line of the adult race.

"It was fantastic. I think the little kids were really excited about being able to run down Oakland and cross that finish line like the adults," recreation supervisor Mike Patterson said.

"A lot of the adults who were going to run in the Pumpkin Run came early to cheer the little ones on," he said. "It was a great atmosphere."

The Tiny Tot Pumpkin Trot will be held prior to the Pumpkin Run again next year, Patterson said.

More than 70 volunteers helped put on this year's Pumpkin Run, taking on such tasks as coordinating the pre-race registration, operating the water tables and serving as course marshals.

"We have to give kudos to all our volunteers, they make this a great event," Durban said. "Especially our seventh- and eighth-grade student volunteers. They did a great job."