The Grandview Heights Public Library's annual Remembrance Tree campaign gets under way this week.

The Grandview Heights Public Library's annual Remembrance Tree campaign gets under way this week.

Library patrons and supporters will again have the chance to purchase ornaments in honor or memory of someone special and take them home or hang them on the remembrance tree in the library atrium.

All of this year's ornaments snowman heads made out of felt were designed and hand-made by Grandview resident Nancy Kukla.

Kukla began working in the summer to make the 200 ornaments for this year's holiday fundraising campaign.

"They were a lot of fun to make," Kukla said. "It's nice to be able to do something to help the library, which is such an important part of our community. I know it's been really important in my life."

This is the second year that Kukla has made remembrance tree ornaments.

The snowman heads she made this year each come complete with a top hat and a scarf made out of "flannel left over from other sewing projects of mine," she said.

Although each snowman head looks the same at first glance, each one ended up a little bit different, Kukla said.

"The face ends up being just a little different," she said. "Maybe the eyes are a little farther apart or the nose comes out a slightly different shape.

"That's one of the things I really enjoy about sewing," Kukla said. "You use the same materials to end up with something different. It's fun to see how things are going to end up. That's the pleasure of making something by hand."

She said she has been sewing since childhood.

It's a relaxing and creative past time, Kukla said.

"I make all kinds of things, just for fun. Things like dolls, clothing and toys," she said.

Often while she's sewing, she listens to books on CD she's checked out from the library.

"If I could spend my life just sewing and reading and not having to cook and clean, that would be paradise," Kukla said.

The library is an invaluable community resource, she said, offering not only books and other materials to check out, but programs and activities for children and adults, access to computers and just a convenient place to meet or safely leave the kids, she said.

"When I was teaching kindergarten in Grandview, I could come here and ask for a book about Earth Day or any topic, the staff was so terrific and helpful," Kukla said. "It's nice to do something to help the library."

"We're just so grateful for all the effort Nancy put into making the ornaments," library public relations associate Connie Frecker said. "When you consider that each ornament took more than an hour for her to make and she made 200 of them, it's amazing."

Remembrance Tree order forms are available at the library.

A minimum donation of $15 per ornament or $25 for two is suggested, although many people end up donating more, Frecker said.

"You can either take the ornament home with you or hang it on our tree and pick it up after the holidays," she said.

"I think it's a great idea to buy an ornament for your children or grandchildren," Kukla said. "t's something they can have as a keepsake over the years."