Boy Scout Troop 73's annual Christmas tree sale is up and running this week.

Boy Scout Troop 73’s annual Christmas tree sale is up and running this week.

Troop members unloaded the delivery of Scotch pine and Fraser fir trees Sunday morning, set them up, and then opened for business.

The trees are supplied by the Feisley Tree Farm in Belmont, Ohio, scoutmaster Hal Schofield said.

“They’re beautiful Ohio-grown trees,” he said. “We’ll be open for business until we sell the last tree. Usually just before Christmas, we’re down to just a few ‘Charlie Brown’ trees.”

The troop is again operating its tree lot at Midas Auto Service, 2087 Riverside Drive. The lot is open from 5 to 8 p.m. weekdays and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekends.

“Midas donates the space for the lot free of charge,” Schofield said. “We can’t thank them enough. Where else could we hold this sale?”

Depending on their size, the trees sell from $30 to $80, he said.

The sale serves as the troop’s main fundraiser, Schofield said.

“We pay the scouts a wage to work at the lot,” he said. “They use the money they make to help pay for summer camp or ski trips or the high adventure trips the older scouts take every couple of years.”

The Christmas tree sale is expected to net a profit of about $6,000, Schofield said.

“We get customers not only from Grandview and Upper Arlington, but also from Hilliard,” he said. “A lot of Hilliard residents drive by the lot on their way home from work.”