Jill Gerschutz has begun her two-year term as president of the Grandview Area Chamber of Commerce.

Jill Gerschutz has begun her two-year term as president of the Grandview Area Chamber of Commerce.

"I feel like I'm going in as president at a time when the chamber is in a very good place," said Gerschutz, who is director of marketing and member development for Credit Union of Ohio.

"Our membership is strong and we aren't facing a shortfall of funds, so there's a lot of room to try new things and to work to expand what we offer our members," she said.

Gerschutz replaces Fran Wilamosky, who spent the past two years as chamber president.

Chamber membership has grown from 160 to 275 over that time.

A lot of credit for that growth goes to chamber executive director Michelle Wilson, Gerschutz said.

"She's gone around 'knocking on a lot of doors' to let people know about the benefits of chamber membership," she said.

Retention of members will be a major focus of the next couple of years, Gerschutz said.

"We want to keep our membership numbers up and find out what our members are looking for and how we can provide the kind of resources and benefits they need," she said.

The chamber has worked to increase the benefits for its members and needs to make sure its members know about and take advantage of those opportunities, Gerschutz said.

"I think there are a lot of people who have been members of the chamber for a long time who aren't aware of all the benefits we offer," she said. "There are a lot of business-to-business opportunities and networking opportunities we'd like to expand upon," Gerschutz said.

The new Grandview Digfest event held last summer at the Grandview Yard was a big success, she said.

"We're already outgrowing our location after only one year, and that's amazing," Gerschutz said.

"Digfest and the Taste of Grandview are great events, but they're outdoor events that rely on good weather," she said. "We'd like to create an indoor event that we can hold during the winter months - something that can gives us something fun to do during those months that we're all hibernating."

Gerschutz has been a chamber members since 2006, when she began working at the Credit Union of Ohio. In addition to serving the past two years as vice president, she has also served as secretary on the board of directors.

"I'm excited about having the opportunity to serve as president," Gerschutz said. "We've got an excellent board of directors and two new members who I think will be exceptional additions to the board."