The city of Grandview Heights is stepping up its efforts to inform residents about a problem that has become a pet peeve.

The city of Grandview Heights is stepping up its efforts to inform residents about a problem that has become a pet peeve.

"We're concerned that we're continuing to see many people running their dogs (in the parks) and not picking up after them when they defecate," said Parks and Recreation Director Sean Robey.

"They need to understand that when that happens, they are actually in violation of three city ordinances."

City code requires pet owners to keep their animals on a leash or other physical control device when they are on public property, Robey said.

Pet owners also are required to pick up and properly dispose of any fecal matter left by their animals, he said.

The city also prohibits animals, except for guide dogs, from being on any public property where a "no animals allowed" sign is posted.

Numerous signs prohibiting pets are posted at Pierce Field, Wyman Woods, McKinley Field and Buck Park, Robey said.

"I'd say that just about any time we're at the parks, we see someone with their dog," he said.

A violation of the domestic animal laws is considered a minor misdemeanor; a second violation within a calendar year would be a fourth-degree misdemeanor, Robey said.

"We've asked the police department to keep an eye out" for residents who bring their dogs into the parks, he said.

"We don't want this to become an enforcement issue," Robey said. "What we want to do is try to inform people about the restrictions and hope that they will be courteous and use common sense."

Additional "no pets allowed" signs have been placed in the city's parks, he said.

In addition to the nuisance and lack of courtesy when people don't pick up after their pets, there also is a safety concern with dogs running loose, he said.

"They may be well-behaved, but there's always a risk they may bite somebody," Robey said.

Dogs on a leash are welcome on the lawn areas of Wallace Gardens; the field just to the west of the Grandview Center; the greenspace on the south side of Goodale west of the Urlin tennis courts; and Parkway Park, which is adjacent to Stevenson Elementary School at the corner of Oxley Road and Parkway Drive.

The city has explored the possibility of creating a dog park, but it is difficult to see where such a facility could be placed, Robey said.

"You probably would need at least two acres, and we only have 45 acres of park land in the city," he said. "There would also be the question of the cost."