Grandview Heights resident Jim Jackson is Ohio-born and raised -- and proud of it.

Grandview Heights resident Jim Jackson is Ohio-born and raised -- and proud of it.

"I feel very passionate about where I'm from and what made me what I am today," Jackson said.

State of Devotion, the year-old business he co-owns, offers Ohioans a way to display pride in their state for everyone to see.

Jackson's company designs and sells T-shirts that celebrate Ohio and Columbus.

State of Devotion will be one of more than 50 artists and crafters participating in the Lazy Daze of Summer festival.

The fest will be held from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, July 28, on the streets and lawn surrounding the Grandview Heights Public Library, 1587 W. First Ave.

"I think too many people express negative feelings about their state or their hometown," Jackson said. "The grass is always greener somewhere else, but you should be proud of where you come from."

That's what State of Devotion is all about, he said.

The company currently sells eight T-shirts, including one that sports the message "State of Devotion" on a map of Ohio; a shirt featuring the cardinal, Ohio's state bird; and a shirt celebrating Columbus' bicentennial, available at the 200Columbus online store and at bicentennial events throughout the year.

Three of the shirts spotlight Ohio and use Jackson's modernization of designs that were used early in the 20th century on state license plates.

"I try to come up with unique ideas for the shirts," he said.

Jackson said he plans to roll out shirts for other communities, such as Cincinnati, Cleveland and Dayton, and also to expand to include accessories such as medallions and bags.

He'd also eventually like to expand to include other states in his line of T-shirts.

As a web designer, "I've been in support of other people's brands," he said. "I wanted to start my own brand. That's where I got the idea to do this. I thought about what I'm passionate about, and that led to State of Devotion."

In addition to running an online store at stateofdevotion. com, Jackson's shirts also are on sale at the Ohio Statehouse museum and Ohio Historical Society gift shops and at Celebrate Local at Easton. The company also has participated at local events such as Columbus Pride, Red White & Boom! and the Columbus Food Truck and Cart Festival.

"We've had a very positive response," Jackson said. "I think people like the unique designs and being able to buy an Ohio pride shirt that's not sports-related."

The shirts are made in the U.S. and printed in Ohio using American Apparel T-shirts, which are "the softest shirts you'll ever own," he said.

A Grandview resident for three years, Jackson said he is "very honored" to have been selected to participate in the Lazy Daze festival.

"I hope our shirts inspire people be passionate about where they from and to get involved in helping make a difference in their community," he said.