The benches at Tarpy Woods Park will be refurbished as part of an Eagle Scout project.

The benches at Tarpy Woods Park will be refurbished as part of an Eagle Scout project.

At its Sept. 17 meeting, Marble Cliff Village Council gave its approval to the project proposed by Kyle Modlich, a member of Troop 73. Modlich will complete the project as part of his effort to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

Modlich will oversee the project. He and a group of volunteers will complete the work over a weekend in October.

He told council he got the idea for the project when he was walking through Tarpy Woods Park and noticed the bench at the top of the hill near the rock bridge was resting on the ground because its legs had rotted away.

As part of his project, Modlich said, he will remove the bench and build a new one to replace it.

The other two benches in the park also need refurbishing but not replacement, he said, so he plans to have them rebuilt and put in a concrete base to support them so their legs will not decay.

Following the suggestion of Village Administrator Bill Johannes, Modlich said his project also will involve clearing the debris underneath the park's foot bridges and replacing some of the stones on the rock bridge.

Modlich also plans to narrow the width of the stairs located near the park's wooden bridge so bicycles can be ridden on that portion of the path.

The estimated cost of the project is $450; council approved an expenditure of up to $500.

Any money left over will be returned to the village, Modlich said.

The benches, bridges and stairs originally were added to the park as Eagle Scout projects, Mayor Kent Studebaker noted.

Also at last week's meeting, council gave its consent for legislation to be prepared that would revise the village's sidewalk repair and replacement assessment policy.

The proposed revisions would clarify the village would pay 100 percent of the cost of sidewalk repair or replacement on residential properties and that there would be a 50-50 split of the cost of residential driveway aprons shared by the village and the property owner.

The policy would define residential properties as single-family homes, condominiums, churches and apartment buildings with four or fewer units.

Any other property would fall under the regulations for commercial properties.