Visitors to Wyman Woods soon may have an enhanced shelter house to enjoy, but they will no longer have a view of "Lake Wyman."

Visitors to Wyman Woods soon may have an enhanced shelter house to enjoy, but they will no longer have a view of "Lake Wyman."

Parks and Recreation Director Sean Robey and parks advisory board members gave an informal presentation at the Aug. 21 planning commission meeting about the planned improvements at Wyman Woods Park.

More details will be presented at the commission's September meeting for a formal review, Robey said.

The current plans remain open to tweaking, parks board member John Evans said.

The major components include the installation of an underground drainage system that "will take out 'Lake Wyman' when it rains," he said.

The improvements to the shelter house will include making the restrooms ADA-compliant and accessible to those using the playground even when the shelter is closed, Evans said.

A small kitchenette area and storage space will be added and a gas or electric heating system will be installed to make the building more suitable for year-round use, he said.

Some elements of the building design and materials will be similar to those being used for the new multipurpose building at Pierce Field, Evans said.

Other improvements at Wyman Woods will include:

* Installation of new playground equipment.

* A path around the entire site.

* Addition of a turnaround for cars in front of the building.

* Addition of three parking spaces for disabled residents.

* Improvement of the turf on the sledding hill.

A different surface will be used for the path at the bottom of the hill so snow won't melt as fast, Evans said.

Planning commission member Robert Wandel said the design for the Wyman Woods improvements should have a stronger connection to and reflection of what is happening in the rest of the community.

"I have a sense this project is all about Wyman Woods," he said. "I don't get a sense it's connected to the rest of the community."

An example is the design for a walkway on the east end of the property, which will cross the vehicular entrance to the park, Wandel said.

A more-direct connection to the sidewalk east of the park should be considered, he said.

Wandel also suggested a crosswalk should be added to give pedestrians a pathway to the park from the Grandview Center, where many people park to attend Wyman Woods activities.

A crosswalk was considered, but declined so as not to "move ahead" of other plans for Goodale Boulevard, Robey said.

"In the end, we decided to hold off (until) we know what the street will look like," he said.

Also at last week's meeting, the planning commission approved a major site-plan review of American Electric Power's plans to expand its building and operations at 1331 W. Goodale Blvd.

The utility revised the plan it presented last month to address a number of issues raised by the commission.

The project has gone out to bid and work is expected to start by the end of September, AEP architect David Rinaldi said.