Tacocat Cooperative hopes its collaboration with the Open Door Art Studio will be sweet for art lovers and the artists themselves.

Tacocat Cooperative hopes its collaboration with the Open Door Art Studio will be sweet for art lovers and the artists themselves.

"Eye Candy: A Collection of Portraits" will include self-portraits as well as depictions of celebrities and the artists' family and friends.

The exhibition runs through March 5 at Tacocat, 937 Burrell Ave. in Grandview Heights.

The exhibition can be viewed during Tacocat's normal gallery hours, noon to 5 p.m. Sundays.

Open Door provides art education and services to adults with developmental disabilities, said art facilitator Claire Smith.

"We're open every day and many of our artists come in to work multiple times a week," she said. "We serve both as a creative space and a gallery."

The studio provides its artists a mode of self-expression through the works they create, Smith said.

"It's always interesting to see their perspective on things shown through their artwork," she said.

Many of the artists also are able to help support themselves from the commissions they make from selling their paintings, Smith said.

"Everything you see on display at our studio and that will be on display at Tacocat is for sale," she said.

The work of 21 artists will be displayed as part of the "Eye Candy" exhibition, Smith said.

Multiple works by a single artist will be displayed together at the exhibition so visitors will be able to see the signature style of each artist, she said.

In all, about 65 artists participate in the Open Door program, Smith said.

The artists whose work will be shown as part of "Eye Candy" include Madge George, who said she enjoys creating all types of paintings, not just portraits.

Often her subjects are whimsical "monsters."

One piece expected to be on display at Tacocat will be a monster version of actress and rapper Queen Latifah.

"I don't know why I like creating monsters," George said. "I just like using my imagination."

Jessica Wallace said painting "gives me something to do. It makes me feel better.

"It's kind of like therapy," she said.

Douglas Gantt creates "two-for-one" works.

While he creates a painting on the front of the canvas, on the back he creates elaborate signatures that are pieces of art themselves.

"It's my own personal style," he said.

Open Door typically holds five exhibitions each year at its studio, 1050 Goodale Blvd., Smith said.

The next exhibition begins Feb. 28 at the studio and will be curated by the artists themselves. The artists receive a 60 percent commission from each piece sold. Most items are reasonably priced between $30-120, according to Smith.

Studio hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Select exhibition openings and special sales are held Saturdays.