Baby, it's cold outside -- but construction workers at the site of Grandview Heights' new municipal pool are focused on the good old summertime.

Baby, it's cold outside -- but construction workers at the site of Grandview Heights' new municipal pool are focused on the good old summertime.

"There's a certain irony in constructing a warm-weather facility like a swimming pool in the middle of winter," Parks and Recreation Director Sean Robey said.

The need to reduce the impact of frigid weather on construction has affected the planning process, say those involved.

"You need to do a lot of planning upfront," said project manager Drew Mascioli of Corna Kokosing Construction Co.

"We knew this project would be scheduled for the cold winter months, so we worked with the city to pre-plan for the weather," he said. "We identified what work needed to be done before the really cold weather hits."

Closing the pool season Aug. 14, about three weeks earlier than usual, allowed work to start earlier, which will help provide a cushion if this year's winter is harsh, Robey said.

"The last pool was built in the winter of 1978, which was a blizzard year," he said. "The opening of the new pool ended up being delayed until early June."

This year's project has been blessed with a mild fall; thanks to that and the early jump, "we're on target to meet" the goal of a Memorial Day weekend opening, Robey said.

The new facility at 1350 Goodale Blvd. will include a leisure pool with water slide, a lap pool with a diving well, a bathhouse and mechanical building. A new concession stand also will be built.

The underground utilities at the pool site have been installed and the pool wells and foundations for the bathhouse and mechanical building have been excavated, Robey said. Underground plumbing for the pools and the installation of their stainless-steel walls also are substantially completed.

The pouring of the concrete floors for the pools began last week and is expected to be completed by month's end.

The concrete is covered with insulated blankets at the end of each day to protect it from the cold, Mascioli said.

"We follow the standards set by the American Concrete Institute for cold-weather concrete work," he said.

A third party -- Alt & Witzig Engineering -- is testing the concrete that is poured at the pool site to double-check that proper cold-weather procedures are being followed, Mascioli said.

If need be, winter construction tents will brought to the site to provide shelter from the cold for workers, he said.

The construction of the mechanical and bath house buildings will take place during the winter.

Other work that is weather-dependent, including the instillation of the parking lot and pool decks, will be completed in the spring, Mascioli said.

"If we can have a mild winter like last year, we'll be in great shape," Robey said.

"With all due respect to the sledders at Wyman Woods, it would be great for the pool project if we don't have much snow this year," he said.