Franklin County Metro Parks system officials are looking to expand south of Griggs Reservoir.

Franklin County Metro Parks system officials are looking to expand south of Griggs Reservoir.

Parks officials declined to disclose specific details, saying they still are in negotiations for possible land purchases.

"We are in the last stages of negotiations," said Tim Moloney, Metro Parks executive director.

Moloney did say the general corridor for the park is from Griggs south into Franklinton. In that area, there are pockets of land ranging from fewer than 50 acres to more than 700, he said.

"As a district, we are always looking at how we can better serve residents of Franklin County," Moloney said. "We have identified areas where we can get closer to our populace."

As part of its greenways-connection plan, any park would link up with the Dublin Road trail, which terminates at Fifth Avenue.

Although rough estimates of the purchase price were not disclosed, it would exceed $500,000, the amount of money the park system has dedicated for land acquisition in 2017, Moloney said.

But that money is used for planning, environmental studies and related activities, so the administration would seek board approval for more cash, he said.

"This project would not require us to go to the voters for additional funds," Moloney said.

The park system is funded by a 10-year, 0.75-mill property tax that expires in 2019. Metro Parks officials said they have no intention of returning to voters before the current election cycle.

He said they could seek money from other agencies and entities to assist with the park's development, a common practice, he said.

Patrik Bowman, director of administration and development for Grandview Heights, said he believes residents in the area would welcome additional recreational space.

"I think, generally, parkland and greenways have a great deal of benefit to communities," Bowman said.

"It shapes communities, frames them, and provides recreational opportunities.

"And now, obviously, because it's bike-path related, this one involves mobility," he said.