After six years of business downtown, Josiah's Restaurant will close its doors May 12.

Owners Alice Goings and Kari Snyder said the restaurant will be back in business some time by fall, but not in its current location at 3985 Broadway.

Josiah's owners were informed Feb. 5 by the building owner's attorney that the lease was to expire March 31 and that monthly rent had raised from $600 to $1,000.

Apparently the lease was not renewed.

"We tried to renew the lease and for whatever reason they don't want to renew the lease," said Steve Bowshier, the attorney representing Josiah's. "There's nothing we can say or do."

The owner of the building, Robert Luebben, has placed it up for sale, Grove City Development director Chuck Boso said.

"We don't like to see any business close in the city, period," Boso added.

The development director said that city officials are willing to help Goings and Snyder relocate their restaurant.

Luebben, who has retired and moved to Lakeview, decided managing a building from such a distance can be inconvenient, according to his wife.

"We don't want the headache of having renters and a building to take care of anymore," Barbara Luebben said last week.

The restaurant owners have made an offer to buy the building, but Barbara Luebben said the offer didn't meet expectations.

"I can't wave a magic wand and say this is what the price should be," Boso said.

The real estate market will have to dictate the price, Boso said.

Josiah's owners seem to be taking the situation in stride.

"You can't get excited about something that's out of your hands," Snyder said.

And when the going gets tough, Goings gets going.

"My feeling at this point is God must be leading us somewhere else," she said.

As the summer looms, Josiah's owners said that they are going to miss many opportunities since most of their annual business comes from events held downtown in celebration of the warm weather.

"We'll make sure everybody knows in the fall when we get squared away," Goings said.

It seems, though, that the slower downtown pace and familiar downtown faces will be missed.

"It's like a Cheers (bar), only no beer," Goings said.