Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce officials on Monday announced the winners in various categories of last weekend's Arts in the Alley event.

Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce officials on Monday announced the winners in various categories of last weekend's Arts in the Alley event.

In the Youth Art Show:

Gauri Garg won Best of Show while the People's Choice Award went to Penny Vincent.

Justin Green came in first in Primary, while Gregory Patrick came in second and Morgan Ritterback finished third.

For Intermediate, first place went to Paige Jackson, second place to Lauren Davidson and third place to Maryann Gibboney.

The Middle first place finisher was Maggie Swallows. Anna Brandon was second and Rose Borror third.

The High School Two-Dimensional first place went to Felisha Gerasco, while Jessa Strayer was second and Abby Michael third.

Richie Coyne took first place in High School Three-Dimensional, Ricky Jennings second and Grynn Hamann third.

In the Craft Show:

Deb Reeves won Best of Show and the People's Choice Award went to Tom Wilhelm.

In Fiber Art, the first place finisher was Sharon Knudsen, followed by Sheri Roe in second and Monica Walter in third.

In Decorating, Joan Elliott won first place, Sharon Knudsen second and Sara Timmons third.

Dixie Carrier won first place in Tole Painting. Margery Simpson finished second and Jim Browning third.

In the Glass Painting category, second prize was awarded to Vicki Kader and third place went to Sharon Knudsen.

Second place in China Painting went to Barbara Bell.

John Ballard took first place in Wood, followed by Ronnie McNamee in second.

In Wood Carving, a second place prize went to Alfred Silva.

First place in Leather went to Tom Wilhelm. Sandi Norwacki received second and Tom Wilhelm third.

In Jewelry-Other, Kassi Boso finished first and Mary Ann Wilfield second.

A third place in Other-Figurine went to Adrienne Durrett.

Barbara Bell took second place in Other-Paper Craft.

In the Fine Art Show:

Nathan Crawford won Best of Show and the People's Choice Award went to Vincent D. Whitehead.

First place in Two-Dimensional Oil went to Kathleen Green while Dan Euans got second. The Two-Dimensional Mixed Acrylic third place was awarded to Ton Tardino.

First place in Three-Dimensional Welded Metal was won by Cherie Swim and second place in Three-Dimensional Pottery was received by William P. Wilt. David Blakeman got third place in Three-Dimensional Pottery.

Honorable mentions went to Kathleen Green, Vincent T. Whitehead and Meghan Sours.

In the Photography Show:

Earl English won Best of Show while Danica Barreau received the People's Choice Award.

First place in Color went to Ted Stone. Tom Ziegler came in second and Tina Roe third.

Robert Davis won first place in Black and White, while Patricia Getha won second place and Mark Marshall third.

In Digital Effects, first place was won by Beth Hammond. Mark Marshall came in second and John Walker third.

Honorable mentions went to Audra Sue Miller and Ted Tone.

The Grove City Easel Award:

Cherie Swim was the winner while Vincent D. Whitehead received the People's Choice Award.

In the Quilt Show:

Best of Show went to Irene Goodrich and Geraldine Mancini was presented with the People's Choice award.

In Hand-Quilted Pieced, Irene Goodrich came in first, Freda Williams second and Patty Estadt third. Freda Williams also got an honorable mention.

In Hand-Quilted Wall Hanging, first place went to Carol Hainen, second to Roxanne Finley, third place to Karren Courtney and honorable mention to Marilyn Reeves.

In Hand-Quilted Embroidered, Gloria Warren came in first, Virginia Monroe second and Betty Fisher third.

In Hand-Quilted Appliqued, the first place finisher was Irene Goodrich. Mary Lockwood came in second and Karren Courtney third. Honorable mention went to Lystra Cline.

The first, second and third place finishers in Hand-Quilted Baby Quilt were Marilyn Reeves, Connie Foster and Dianna Queener.

First place in Mixed Techniques went to Geraldine Mancini, while Brooke Schmelzer was second and Lystra Cline third.

The Machine-Quilted Pieced first place was won by Virginia Monroe, with Harriet Gold in second and Norma Siemer in third. Vicky Brooke received an honorable mention.

In Machine-Baby Quilt, first place went to Virginia Monroe, second place to Mary Lou Paoletti, third place to Marjorie Hopkins and honorable mention to KyleAnn Williams.

Naomi O'Harra won both first and second place in Machine-Quilted Wall Hanging, while Carol Hainen was third and Joyce Herriott received honorable mention.

Naomi O'Harra won first place in Table Covers, Pillows, Clothing, Tree Skirts and Mats. Coming in second Roxanne Finley while Jan Evans was third. Honorable mention went to Diana Queener.

First place in the Youth to 18 Years category went to Andrea Black and second place to Margaret Estadt.