Nora's Coffee Corner will close Saturday, Feb. 28.

Nora's Coffee Corner will close Saturday, Feb. 28.

"The economy went down everywhere and we just decided, you know, it's time," said Nora Matera, co-owner of the coffee shop with her husband John Matera.

The Materas opened the coffee shop at 4057 Broadway in November 2000.

They said after more than eight years running the shop, it's time to pass on the business.

They cited not only the economy as a reason; they became grandparents last year.

Nora Matera added she might start working on a cookbook with the extra time.

Business started declining shortly after restaurants opened in Parkway Centre, John Matera said.

"We took a hit when the Stringtown Road restaurants were built and another one recently," he said.

Nora Matera said that they decided to stick with the business even after developments at Stringtown Road affected business.

"It becomes a part of your life," she said.

The Materas said they are going to miss the regular customers.

Nora Matera said she feels not enough people know about the qualities of the Grove City Town Center.

"There's too much rushing and you've got to have some place to be able to relax a bit," she said.

Mrs. Matera said she hopes other Town Center businesses stay open in light of shopping opportunities on Stringtown Road and the economy.

"The pull is to that end of town," she said. "It'd be a shame to just let this area die."

Chris Roach, owner of the property at 4057 Broadway, said he hopes the new tenants of the building keep the coffee shop going.

"I think it's important that the business is there," he said.

Roach said there has been some interest in leasing the business, but nothing has been finalized.