Several local business owners do not support the names of their businesses posted on a newly formed Web site that attacks anti-levy standard-bearer Terry R. Jones.

Several local business owners do not support the names of their businesses posted on a newly formed Web site that attacks anti-levy standard-bearer Terry R. Jones.

The Web site contains links to public information on Jones' property through the Franklin County auditor and his home telephone number. The anonymous Web site creator urges idle students -- now that extracurricular activities have been eliminated -- to visit or call Jones.

Jill Billman-Royer, one of the leaders of the pro-levy group Citizens for South-Western City Schools, said the Web site's message goes beyond the issue of school funding.

"We do not support the site. We not only do not support the site, we don't have any connection or knowledge of who created it," she said.

The Web site appeared sometime within the last month. It originally targeted Terry E. Jones, who lives in the school district and doesn't lead the anti-levy group South-Western Alternatives to Taxes.

After stories appeared in The Grove City Record and The Columbus Dispatch on the mistakenly targeted Terry E. Jones, the Web site changed appropriately. It now targets the Terry R. Jones of South-Western Alternatives to Taxes.

The Web site advertises links for selling T-shirts.

"In the third grade and don't like walking two miles in snow to school?" reads the message on one T-shirt from the site.

The site also suggests supporting 20 businesses that supported the pro-levy campaign earlier in the year. Four of the business owners contacted by The Record said they would like the names removed.

"I don't know where that came from. I don't appreciate having my company name on there," said Gary Leasure, owner of ACE Truck Body.

Leasure, who sat on the South-Western school board for 12 years, said he supported the campaign with his own money, not with that of his company.

He said he will look into finding out who created the Web site to have his company's name removed.

"When you take a position, people take potshots at you," said Steve Ulrey, president of Ulrey Foods, which does business as Flyers Pizza & Subs.

Ulrey said he had not heard of the Web site before. He doesn't support the Flyers name on it, but will not pursue action to have the name removed.

He said earlier in the campaign to pass the Aug. 4 levy, the pizza shop held a "benefit day," during which a portion of sales on that day were donated to Citizens for SWCS. Pranksters made calls from pay phones to have 25 pizzas delivered to the school district bus garage, as well as, orders to two abandoned buildings.

Ulrey said the prankster cost the pizza shop $300.

Several customers have entered the pizza shop at 4099 Hoover Road and told employees they will boycott the business for supporting the levy, Ulrey said.

"There have been some people that just show their bad side," he added. "I prefer not to be bantered around like that."

Rachelle Parsley, vice president of International Collision Repair at 5575 W. Broad St., said district residents are entitled to an opinion, but she feels they should be expressed civilly and professionally.

"I support the levy and I support schools being funded, but I don't get into name-calling," she said. "I don't think there's any reason for name-calling."

She said she was never contacted by anyone to ask permission to use International Collision Repair's name on the Web site.

She said whoever created the site must have been affected by the levy failures and resulting cuts personally. The creators must be trying "to lash out," she added.

Mike Garverick, owner of the Subway at 1902 Stringtown Road, said he doesn't support having his business' name on the site, nor South-Western Alternatives to Taxes.

"I do support the schools," he said. "Always have and always will."

He said he will look into having his business' name taken off the site.

"I think (the levy campaign) has gotten too carried away, too personal," he said. "When you sling mud, you're going to get mud slung back at you."

Terry R. Jones said anti-levy group members have never attacked levy supporters personally."We don't sling mud," he said. "That's what the other side does."

He added he wants to find the person responsible for creating the "smut Web site."

"They're inciting people to commit acts of violence or other criminal activities," he said. "It's definitely going to be a smear campaign on their side," he said.