To the editor:

To the editor:

I want to thank Mr. Terry Jones, Mr. Fred Van Order and the rest of the SWAT team for their efforts to present aspects of the school levy debate that we would not otherwise have heard. I never in the past had been against school levies in fact. My husband and I have been paying them for more than 40 years.

What I am and will always be against is the way SWCS threatened, badgered and exploited the children. I had mentioned numerous times in published letters the fact that SWCS took away the sports and busing -- not the people who opposed the levy. As you can see now, there were alternatives they could have used without taking these items away. Pay for play.

Plus the fact that they kept publishing values of most homes in Grove City were valued at $100,000. Maybe you can tell me why we live in Pleasant Township in a doublewide trailer on a couple of acres and my property tax increase will be around $53, not $27, on top of my mortgage payment. Even better, the people who said property values were down because the levy failed. There is a recession going on. I'm surprised they didn't say unemployment was up and foreclosures were up due to the failure of the levy.

Interesting enough, they were worried about busing. If you were out at various voting precincts, the children sure had no problem getting car pools to take them to the precincts to vote.

If the voters would have held out again, you may have taught the children the most valuable lesson. You don't always get what you want. Maybe SWCS would have had to learn this, too.

Maybe SWCS would have had to talk to the property owners and discuss things rather than going into contract negations with the administrators and teachers, asking them what they wanted first, then coming back and telling us what we would pay.

Congratulations to the people who passed the levy. It won't cost them a dime.

Star Thompson

Grove City