Grove City Council members will vote April 5 on two pieces of legislation pertaining to White Road.

Grove City Council members will vote April 5 on two pieces of legislation pertaining to White Road.

One ordinance would appropriate $375,000 to engineer plans for a 2011 project to widen a section of the road. The other would authorize annexation of that portion of improved road from Jackson Township to Grove City.

City administrator Phil Honsey said the city would like to annex 1.6 acres of White Road from Jackson Township for maintenance and law enforcement.

"It basically allows continuity," Honsey said. "So that you don't have the (Franklin County) sheriff being called for a violation on one side of the intersection and the city being called on the other."

Franklin County engineer Dean Ringle said he suggested the city annex the roadway mainly because it expedites the dispatching of service personnel.

"It's just easier to get it into one entity," Ringle said. "It's about getting the right people to the right section in a timely manner."

Honsey said the city also has decorative lights on White Road. Owning the road will make maintenance jobs easier.

"It's cleanest if it's just in our city," Honsey said.

He said Franklin County, Jackson Township and the city plan to widen White Road in some areas, add a bike path on the north side and a sidewalk on the south side.

The three governmental bodies each have agreed to share the costs of a more than $7-million series of projects to span three summers.

The first phase of the project was completed last summer. Grove City, Jackson Township and Franklin County spent a total of about $1.2-million to improve the intersection of White and McDowell roads.

According to city information, Grove City spent $603,000 for the project, while Jackson Township spent $200,000. Franklin County spent $70,000. The remaining nearly $300,000 came from an Ohio Public Works Commission grant.

This year, the city and the Ohio Department of Transportation will work together on a project to repair the Interstate 71 underpass.

ODOT will spend $150,000 on routine maintenance, Honsey said, but while the work is being done, the city would like to widen the bridge pillars to make room for a bike path and sidewalk.

That work will cost the city about $300,000, Honsey said.

The city, township and county have entered into an agreement to reconstruct and widen 2,850 feet of White Road next year, east of McDowell Road and west of Grand Crossing Boulevard.

The project is expected to cost about $5.4-million, according to city information.

Each of the three governmental entities will contribute the same amount for the project: $809,547.

Another nearly $3-million for the project will come from an OPWC grant.