The results of Grove City's first business survey should be available in less than a month.

The results of Grove City's first business survey should be available in less than a month.

The survey, which was sent to the city's businesses, is the first in recent memory and is an offshoot of the city's biennial survey of its residents.

The city paid Columbus-based research company Saperstein Associates $22,000 to help develop the questions and administer the survey.

"We just had a meeting with (Saperstein Associates) today," city spokesman Don Walters said Thursday, March 24. "We've finished getting interviews."

Approximately 470 interviews were collected via an online survey about city services.

"That's over a 40-percent response," Walters said. "As far as having a statistically significant sample, that's really high."

Mayor Richard "Ike" Stage initially sent a letter to local businesses requesting their participation, and a representative of Saperstein Associates made follow-up calls reminding the businesses to give their input.

City officials decided last week that the 470 responses collected were enough.

"If they haven't done it by now, either they just don't want to or they're too busy," Walters said.

The survey's goals were to better understand the needs of the city's businesses and to collect an e-mail address for each participating company. Currently, communications with local businesses must be sent through the mail unless the city has an e-mail address on file.

The survey also included a few questions relating to the Grove City Center for Higher Education at the request of Columbus State Community College president David Harrison.

The survey's questions address employees' educational needs and whether employers would be willing to provide tuition reimbursement or flexible work schedules so workers could attend relevant classes.

The answers will help Columbus State determine whether a full-time campus would be warranted in the Grove City area.

The survey's results are expected to be analyzed within two to four weeks, Walters said. For more information about the business survey, contact Chuck Boso, city development director at (614) 277-3003.