A Texas-based staffing services company has decided to locate its first Ohio office in Grove City.

A Texas-based staffing services company has decided to locate its first Ohio office in Grove City.

Regal Staffing Services will open a location at 3457 Broadway. The 1,536 square-foot office will have a soft opening on Oct. 28 and a formal opening on Nov. 15, said Nick Rubel of Regal Staffing Services.

This will be the company’s eighth office location. It has been in business in Texas, its primary home market, since 1995. Regal Staffing supplies between 50 and 100 temporary staff to businesses, though its largest amount is about 500 temporary positions. About 80 percent of positions are in logistics or manufacturing, Rubel said.

One of Rubel’s clients, Round 2 Inc., chose Grove City as a business location and voiced the need for a staffing services company like Regal Staffing. Rubel said he had never been to the Grove City area before when he and his coworkers visited last year.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of business that we saw there in Grove City and the Urbancrest area,” he said.

He and his coworkers determined that the companies in Grove City closely matched the type of companies they work with in Texas.

“We saw a real fit there,” he said.

Regal Staffing now supplies Round 2 with 150-200 temporary employees, Rubel said. He is looking to branch out to work with more local companies.

Four Grove City residents have been hired to work at the local office. Rubel said the company felt it was important to have employees who understand the local market.

“We probably will make minor modifications, if any at all,” he said.

Mayor Richard “Ike” Stage said the new office is a nice compliment to the city’s workforce. Some temporary jobs do turn into permanent jobs, he said.

“It really is beneficial to the community as a whole,” he said.

At Round 2, the temporary employees supplied by Regal Staffing have an opportunity to join Round 2 full-time after 90 days, said vice president of operations Chris Reid.

Reid described his company’s relationship with Regal Staffing as more of a partnership.

“It’s definitely a great advantage,” he said. “They know our systems and our processes and our procedures.”

Round 2, an electronics, recycling and refurbishment company, has two facilities on Urbancrest Industrial Drive totaling 292,000 square feet.

They have been in the Grove City market for about a year and a half.