Wineries and microbreweries are now free to come to Grove City's central business district.

Wineries and microbreweries are now free to come to Grove City’s central business district.

Grove City Council on Nov. 21 approved a piece of legislation allowing both the sale and manufacture of wine and beer.

The central business district is defined as 17.5 acres along Broadway between White Place and Civic Place.

The microbreweries and wineries, which would need appropriate state liquor licenses, may sell their products at their sites.

“We want to make sure our code is not worded to hinder what could be attractive investments in our town center,” said city administrator Phil Honsey.

Kyle Rauch, city planning and development officer, said the city was contacted by someone who wants to start a winery.

The city is working with the individual to find a location, Rauch said.

The city also talked with someone interested in starting a microbrewery. Such establishments can promote activity in the downtown area, Rauch said, and can attract the attention of those interested in local products.

“These are the type of attractions you like to see in your downtown district,” he said.

Council also authorized the director of public service to enter into a franchise agreement with Local Waste Services LLC for solid waste, recycling and yard waste collection, transportation and disposal.

The five-year contract is from Jan. 1, 2012, through Dec. 31, 2016. The current price for users is $13.42 per month, including billing. The new price will be $13.68 plus 30 cents for billing.

This was a consortium pricing effort of Grove City, Jackson Township and Urbancrest, and is fixed for the five-year period.

Honsey said the current contract includes Jackson Township and Grove City. The services are mandatory for urban residential locations.

Council also:

• Appropriated $831,243 for the current phase of improvements to the Interstate 71-state Route 665 intersection. Money comes from a $4.75-million grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission.

• Approved the development plan for City Barbeque at 2261 Stringtown Road.