A yogurt shop opening in Grove City in early April will be a family affair.

A yogurt shop opening in Grove City in early April will be a family affair.

Grove City residents David and Jara Palmer plan to open Oh-Yo! at 4226 Buckeye Parkway. Jara Palmer's father, Jerry Craycraft, and sisters, Jenna and Jade Craycraft, also are listed as business owners.

"It's kind of a family project," Jerry Craycraft of Wooster said. "We just decided to invest ... in a project that we could do as a family."

Craycraft said he will invest most of the money, while his daughters will have a small investment.

Craycraft said he was initially opposed the idea of opening a self-serve yogurt shop.

"After I went to enough of these places, I'm a believer in them," he said. The self-serve aspect reduces employee costs and is user-friendly, he said.

Jerry Palmer and his wife moved to Grove City in January of 2010.

"We just fell in love with Grove City and the people here in Columbus," Palmer said.

Palmer found he liked the concept of a self-serve yogurt shop after finding one in Columbus.

"We wanted to bring something similar here to Grove City," he said.

Customers can get different types of yogurt and toppings from machines.

"You just pay by weight," Palmer said. "It's truly a customer-first type of business because you get exactly what you want every time."

Oh-Yo! will have eight yogurt machines with two flavors each, with flavors changing seasonally. The store will have a variety of toppings.

"You can make it incredibly healthy," Palmer said.

Many of the yogurt flavors are 110 calories or less per serving. Almost all will be fat-free. Strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, peanut butter and birthday cake are a sampling of flavors that will be offered.

Oh-Yo! will use supplier YoCream International Inc., based in Portland, Ore.

While Palmer hasn't determined an exact price for yogurt, he said typical prices are 40 to 45 cents per ounce. Hours of operation haven't yet been determined and could depend upon seasonal sales. The store would most likely be open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Palmer will be the shop manager. He plans to hire hourly employees and expects three to four will work at the store daily.

A big selling point for Palmer and the others was the shop's proximity to The Rave Motion Pictures Theatre at 4218 Buckeye Parkway, he said.

"We figured with Rave Theatre there would be good foot traffic all year-round," he said.

Palmer said the owners will lease the 1,400-square-foot space, which at the moment is "just nothing. It's a blank box."

Construction should start within a week or so. Palmer said he doesn't have an estimate on the improvements' cost.

Palmer said he wants the shop to be a part of the Grove City community. "We want this to be the place where people in Grove City come for dessert."