Alton Hall Elementary will hold its first Cub Convention of the year on Nov. 8.

Alton Hall Elementary will hold its first Cub Convention of the year on Nov. 8.

The assemblies are held four times a year to recognize students who have practiced the school's seven virtues on a daily basis, Principal Tim Barton said.

"Each teacher nominates up to four students for each assembly," he said. "We present them with a certificate and a pendant."

The seven virtues at Alton Hall, 1000 Alton Road, that students are asked to display are honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, self-discipline, perseverance and giving.

"These are qualities our teachers focus on throughout the school year," Barton said. "We post the virtues in the cafeteria and other locations around the school. We try to reinforce the virtues every day."

At each assembly, one of the grade levels make a presentation about two of the virtues, he said. The presentation may be in the form of a play, poem, story or song.

Students in grades 1-4 are honored at the Cub Convention, Barton said.

The school begins its teaching of the seven virtues during kindergarten, but because kindergarten students are still coming to a full understanding of the virtues, they are recognized on a smaller scale within their own classrooms, he said.

While the intention is to keep which students will be honored at the Cub Convention a surprise, that often isn't possible, Barton said.

"We invite the students' parents to attend the assembly and notify them in advance, and often they end up telling their children or they have to make arrangements to miss work," he said.

The assemblies will be held in the morning this year to allow some parents to attend on their way to work, Barton said.

In addition to the Cub Convention, Alton Hall also has the Bucket Filler award.

"Each classroom has a bucket and a student can nominate a classmate who has been thoughtful or kind to another students," Barton said. "For example, perhaps a student says, 'I ran out of notebook paper or I lost my pencil' and a student will give them some paper or a pencil to use.

"I go into the classrooms once a week and pick a name out of the bucket and present that student with a prize, like a pencil or a wood chip that says 'Alton Hall Bucket Filler,' " he said.

Teachers are also able to nominate students for the Bucket Filler award, Barton said.