Grove City Council voted unanimously last week to spend $41,000 on a feasibility study for a community recreation center .

Grove City Council voted unanimously last week to spend $41,000 on a feasibility study for a community recreation center .

The study will be conducted by the firm MS Consultants Inc., which submitted one of eight replies the city received when it sent out its request for proposals.

"Basically, what we're trying to do is gather information," Parks and Recreation Department Director Kim Conrad said at council's Nov. 19 meeting.

Conrad added that the study would be a four-month process.

City Administrator Chuck Boso said the study would determine needs and priorities and would address such issues as the potential size of a rec center, location, what types of programming it would offer, returns on investment and what sort of funding options would be available and would then develop recommendations.

"It's simply gathering information so you can make a better decision," Boso told council during the pre-meeting caucus.

Conrad said the study would also involve a competitive market analysis to compare against other facilities in the area and include council input and a public survey.

According to the ordinance passed by council to fund the feasibility study, the need for such a center ranked high among residents who took the 2011 Parks & Recreation Open Space Comprehensive Plan community survey.

"I think we all know we need a rec center," Council President Ted Berry said. "I just don't want people to see (the study) and say this is it."

Conrad told council it would be involved throughout the process.

According to the draft of capital improvements projects planned for 2013 and 2014, a recreation center would cost an estimated $15 million to $20 million, but at this time, no money has been earmarked for it.

In other news, council voted unanimously to amend the city code pertaining to garbage collection. Under the new language, trash cannot be put out to the curb before 5 p.m. the day prior to collection.

The changes also authorize the public service director to determine if garbage that is not collected due to an unpaid account poses a public hazard and nuisance.

The director will also have the authority to have the garbage collected. The incurred expenses will be appropriated by City Council, and if the expenses remain unpaid by the property owner, a lien will be placed on the owner's other taxes and assessments.

Law Director Stephen Smith said the changes "clarify responsibilities."

"This is more of a housekeeping measure," Smith said.