Jackson Township employees will see a slight pay increase for the rest of the year.

Jackson Township employees will see a slight pay increase for the rest of the year.

At its regular meeting May 21, the Jackson Township Board of Trustees voted 2-0 to amend the township employee handbook, giving the township's 115 employees a 1.7-percent consumer-price index pay raise.

Trustee Stephen Bowshier, who was present during the pre-meeting caucus, was absent during the meeting and vote.

The across-the-board raise took effect May 25, for the remainder of the 2013 calendar year.

"We try to be fair to our employees," Trustee Chairman David Burris said. "This takes effect next payroll."

For firefighters, yearly wages will increase by $807 if they're full-time employees and $123 if part time. Civilian employees will see a $311 increase.

"It's a modest increase," Township Administrator Mike Lilly said. "Our employees do a fantastic job."

Lilly said the township's budget has around $65,000 appropriated to cover the increases.

In other township business:

* The board heard a presentation about electrical aggregation from Scott Belcastro, principal of Trebel LLC, a brokerage energy consultant firm. Under an electrical aggregation program, the township's households would combine their buying power to pursue lower rates and costs from power utilities.

"We got a great program," Belcastro said. "We can pull together your resources and get your prices lower."

Belcastro said he has worked to implement similar programs in Sunbury, Madison Township and Prairie Township.

Residents could opt out of the program and households and businesses already in other aggregation programs would not be forced to break those contracts, he added.

"This just gives (residents) another tool in the chest," Belcastro said.

Electrical aggregation would require ballot approval by township residents.

Trustees said they were intrigued by the program but would not want to participate without the township's neighbors.

"I would not sign on without the city of Grove City," Burris said. "It sounds like a good process. We'll wait to see what Grove City does."

Trustee Jim Rauck said the program shouldn't leave out Urbancrest, either.

"I would want Grove City, Jackson Township and Urbancrest," Rauck said.

Belcastro said he was planning to discuss the program with Grove City at an upcoming council meeting.