Grove City is looking for a new salt supplier as the winter weather uses up the city's supply.

Grove City is looking for a new salt supplier as the winter weather uses up the city's supply.

"We're looking forward to spring," said Public Service Director Les Spring.

So far this winter, the Public Service Department has dropped 3,200 tons of salt. Typically, the city uses between 1,500 and 1,800 tons of salt during an entire winter.

"We've actually used more salt this year than the last two years put together," he said Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Salt currently costs $57.17 per ton, Spring said. Last year, the city spent $60,000 for salt but budgeted for $90,000, the same amount it has budgeted for 2014. Salt costs in 2011 were $56,762 and $60,000 in 2012.

However, the city already has used up its allocated amount through its supplier, Cargill Salt, and is working with the Ohio Department of Transportation to find a new supplier. Spring said the city is down to 400 tons of salt, enough for two more big snow storms, adding the city usually dumps between 120 and 150 tons during a storm.

Because of the shortage of salt and with no supplier lined up yet, Spring said the city, to conserve salt, last week did not salt subdivision streets for the first time this winter, although those streets were plowed.

The amount of overtime for workers this January has also doubled from last year, Spring said, because storms have been hitting on nights and weekends.

"We've kept our guys out around the clock Friday and Saturday," he said.

A report on how much the added overtime will cost is expected later this week, Spring said.

The city also is working to fix potholes brought on by the recent cold snaps and thaws.

"The deeper the freeze, the more the potholes," Spring said. "We always deal with potholes this time of year."

Three city signs have also been knocked over by drivers sliding off the road, but that's also expected during storms, Spring said, and except for one city service vehicle that broke down, there haven't been any incidents.

"We're faring the winter pretty well so far," Spring said. "Equipment's holding up."

The cold weather also put Grove City Council plans on ice.

Council was scheduled to hold a special meeting Monday, Jan. 27, for an informal discussion on redevelopment of the Beulah Park area, including concepts, drawings and ideas. But just hours before the scheduled start time, the meeting was canceled "due to the frigid weather," according to an announcement from the city.

That meeting has been rescheduled for Monday, Feb. 3, immediately following council's regular meeting at 7 p.m.

Jackson Township's Board of Trustee meeting for Tuesday, Jan. 28, also was canceled.

The city also issued an emergency/parking ban on Saturday, Jan. 25, but lifted it Monday morning. The city still is asking drivers to use off-street parking when available until the roads are cleared.

For information about the city's cancellation policy, visit or call 614-277-3060.

For information about the city's plowing program, call 614-277-1100.