Tonya Adams left a 22-year career in accounting and finance to open a gym.

Tonya Adams left a 22-year career in accounting and finance to open a gym.

"I believe the workout has lost its focus," she said. "Stupid or crazy, I decided to make a life change. This is my whole life."

In February, Adams, a Grove City resident for 25 years and president of the Pinnacle Ladies Association, opened Physique Fitness Studio, a boutique studio gym at 2770 London-Groveport Road. A ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house with the Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce were held May 7.

"There's nothing like this in Grove City," Adams said. "We need it here."

Physique Fitness Studio offers personal training, group fitness, yoga, spinning classes and specialized services. The offerings are intended for all levels: beginner, advanced, rehabilitation, sports conditioning and general fitness. The facility has about 10 instructors, including a nutritionist.

"Nothing here is standard," Adams said. "All our staff members teach a lot of different things."

The gym's workout program is based on functional and efficiency-based movement rather than specialized machines with heavy weights that target specific muscle areas. The idea, Adams said, is to provide a more complete workout that involves the whole body the whole time.

"We are functional fitness-based," Adams said. "All personal training is customized for your needs. We believe you don't need a lot of crazy equipment."

For people who join the gym, there is a functional movement screening that takes about 15 minutes. Members work with staff to determine their needs and set fitness goals.

"It tells us how your body is functioning," Adams said. "We figure out all of that in the beginning so you can move better in your daily life."

Physique Fitness Studio is designed to be an open, comfortable environment for people and to help them improve their physical and mental health, Adams said.

"It's all about how we make them feel," she said. "When they walk out and they feel good, then we've done our job."

There are no initiation fees or contracts to join. The first class is complimentary; after that, membership is based on the number of classes a client signs up for.

For more information, call 614-348-1468.