Humble pie was on the menu for some students and faculty members during Grove City High School's four lunch periods Friday, Nov. 13.

Humble pie was on the menu for some students and faculty members during Grove City High School's four lunch periods Friday, Nov. 13.

The recipients were on the losing end of their challenges as part of the Pie in the Face fundraising event for the high school's Parent, Teacher, Student Association.

Two people signed up to challenge each other and during the week of Nov. 9, students and faculty donated money to the person they wanted to see "pie" his or her challenger in the face with a paper plate full of shaving cream.

"It's a good-natured competition," said Kelly Smith-Armstrong, who is PTSA fundraising co-chairwoman with Michele Paduchik. "Students are going up to people and saying, 'Don't you want to help me pie so-and-so in the face?' I don't think anybody wants to be the person who gets pied."

Forty-four challenge groups participated, including 23 groups of marching-band members, PTSA president Melissa Forney said.

"The band really stepped up," Forney said. "We also have some students who challenge teachers. I think it's a little easier for them to win the challenge because students love seeing their teachers get a pie in the face. The faculty are good sports and often they contribute to the student to make sure they end up losing."

Some of the challenges pitted a student against a parent.

"He's out of the will," assistant principal Tom Willison said just after his son, John, a freshman, pied him.

Willison was pied once before by his daughter, Marylin, a junior.

"Actually, John was more gentle than she was with the pie," he said. "But he's still out of the will."

Junior Jacob Heacock joked he had one main goal when he pied his father, Kevin, a science teacher at Grove City High School.

"I just wanted to make sure my dad's face was completely covered with shaving cream so he could finally give himself a nice, close shave," Jacob said.

Senior Eric Sun said he was confident he raised more money than his challenge partner, Jacob Stuckert, so he didn't hesitate to wear a nice shirt and tie to school Nov. 13.

"I just wanted to raise as much money as I could to make sure I wasn't the one who lost," he said.

Losing wasn't so bad, said Jacob, who also is a senior.

"It was kind of fun to get pied, to be honest," he said. "I think I'd rather get the pie than throw it."

Freshman Jared Ellis said getting a pie in the face "feels weird."

"It doesn't really hurt or sting, it just feels really strange," he said. "It gets up in your nose and it's hard to breathe for an instant."

His classmate, Kurt Taylor, said his goal was to spread the shaving cream all around Jared's face.

"I wanted to get it not only on his face but in his ear and hair -- make it as messy as I could," he said.

The Pie in the Face challenge is fun, Kurt said, but mostly because it raises money for a worthy cause.

The event raised $2,167, Forney said, for senior scholarships and to benefit the freshman class student council, which marketed the fundraiser.

"The Ohio PTA chooses the scholarship recipients," Forney said. "We are able to specify that the money we send them will go to Grove City students."

The shaving cream has been cleaned up, but donations can still be made to the PTSA scholarship fund, Smith-Armstrong said.

Donations may be sent to Grove City High School, Attn: PTSA, 4665 Hoover Road, Grove City 43123. Checks should be made payable to Grove City High School PTSA.