Grove City High School will present Little Women as its fall play this weekend.

Grove City High School will present Little Women as its fall play this weekend.

The play will be performed at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 20, and Saturday, Nov. 21, and at 2 p.m. Nov. 21 and Sunday, Nov. 22, in the school auditorium, 4665 Hoover Road.

The stage adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's novel tells the story of the March sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy, as they mature into young women during the Civil War.

"It was such a different time from our own time, with a different way of doing things," said junior Emma Hoersdig. "But the story is so timeless, it's still something we can relate to.

"I wasn't familiar with Little Women before we started doing the play. I'm really enjoying playing someone from the 1860s."

Hoersdig will portray Jo, the character Alcott modeled after herself.

"Jo's really sarcastic and always speaks her mind, which wasn't very characteristic of women of her time," Hoersdig said. "She's a lot of fun to play because she's a more modern type of character."

It is both more challenging and more fun to put on a play set in the distant past, because the experience can transport one out of the current time and place, said junior Kayla Tippett, who is stage manager for the production.

Tippett has worked in the crew the past two years for the spring musicals.

"My freshman year, a friend of mine suggested I should try it out and see if I would like it," she said. "I loved being involved in the theater right from the start. It felt like home."

Tippett said she plans to major in stage management in college.

The cast and crew have a true family atmosphere as they work on getting a play ready for an audience, Tippett said.

"The most challenging part for a stage manager is getting the actors in position," she said. "Sometimes I feel like a herder."

Tickets to Little Women cost $8 for adults and $5 for students, seniors and children under age 5. "Top 55" cardholders will be admitted free.