Grove City Council members might receive a pay raise -- but not until at least 2018.

Grove City Council members might receive a pay raise -- but not until at least 2018.

City Council is expected to vote Dec. 21 on a measure to boost the annual salary for council members to $11,000. The salary ordinance was given a first reading Dec. 7.

The salary has been set at $6,000 since 2003, the last time the pay rate for City Council was increased.

The ordinance also would increase the council president's salary from $6,500 to $11,500.

According to the city charter, a council member cannot receive any pay increase during the term he or she is serving at the time the increase is voted.

The pay increase would go into effect in 2018 for those running for election in 2017.

Those who won new terms in November would not receive the raises until they are re-elected.

In other business Dec. 7, City Council approved a rezoning for the Hickory Creek Estates single-family residential development, but delayed a vote on accepting the development plan for the project.

The 35-acre site north of Orders Road and west of Haughn Road will be rezoned from single-family residential to planned-unit-development residential.

The approval of the development plan was delayed after council members Steven Bennett and Ted Berry expressed concern about the safety and privacy issues that could result given how close the two retention ponds in the development would be to homes.

The plan for the development calls for bicycle and walking paths around the perimeter of the ponds.

Because of the slope leading to the ponds in some areas, "it (wouldn't) take long for someone to fall and roll down and drown," Bennett said.

Another concern was whether people using the paths would invade the privacy of nearby homes.

City Council approved an amendment Berry offered for the development-plan resolution that would require the elimination of the path from the sides of the retention ponds that would face the residential area of the site.

Council tabled the resolution until Dec. 21 to give the developer time to work out a new configuration for the path and run it by city officials.

The Homewood Corp. plans to build 81 single-family homes on the 35 acres. The homes will have minimum square footages of 1,800 for ranches and 2,000 for two-story residences.