Grove City police officers responded just after 8:30 a.m. Nov. 25 to a man's report that his daughter had heard what sounded like four gunshots fired in the 3900 block of Black Pine Drive.

Grove City police officers responded just after 8:30 a.m. Nov. 25 to a man's report that his daughter had heard what sounded like four gunshots fired in the 3900 block of Black Pine Drive.

When they arrived, police found a minivan parked in front of another residence with three bullet holes in the driver's side and both driver's-side windows shattered.

The owner of the car came out of her home when she noticed police officers surrounding her vehicle. She told police she had heard what sounded like several loud knocks or kicks at her front door at about 8:20 a.m. She said she looked out the glass windows on her door but didn't see anyone so she ignored the noise until she noticed police at her car.

About four hours later, the woman called 911 to report her estranged boyfriend had just threatened to shoot her. The threat was made during a phone call. She said the man made an allusion that the next time he fired shots, she would be the target.

The woman said he had texted her constantly during the early morning hours, but she did not suspect he could have been responsible for the damage to her vehicle until he made the threats toward her.

Grove City police filed warrants for misdemeanor counts of aggravated menacing and domestic violence (threat of harm) against the man, a Hilliard resident, on Nov. 25, but no arrest was made as of Dec. 8.

In other recent incident reports from the Grove City Division of Police:

* An officer's suspicion about an occupant of a car parked at a motel in the 1800 block of Stringtown Road on Nov. 25 led to a felony drug arrest.

The officer was on routine patrol when he noticed a gray Mercedes Benz parked on the south side of the motel's parking lot. He saw a man sitting slumped low in the driver's seat.

The officer planned to observe the vehicle so he drove around the building and approached the car again. At that point, the driver turned on his headlights and drove across the street to a gas station. He never got out of the car and after a few minutes, he returned to the same parking space in the motel lot.

When the officer approached the car and turned on his searchlight, the driver began reaching under the seat.

The officer suspected he was reaching for a weapon and called for backup. Other officers arrived and the man complied with their command to exit the car so they could search it for weapons.

They found a straw and a pink bag containing what they suspected was cocaine.

They arrested the man, Hao Ye, 27, of Flushing, N.Y., and charged him with a felony count of drug possession. He was taken to the Franklin County jail.

Ye told them his wife was in one of the motel rooms, but he could not remember the room number.

At about 4:30 p.m. the following day, Nov. 26, police were called to the motel on a report of a woman who had been yelling at the 911 dispatcher. The dispatcher said the woman was crying and saying she needed her money and boyfriend, apparently referring to Ye, returned to her.

Officers found a 27-year-old Brooklyn, N.Y., woman in one of the motel rooms holding a kitchen knife to her neck. She refused their requests to answer the door, and as they looked through the window to the room, they saw the woman pacing and continuing to press the knife to her neck. She refused to put the knife down and became more agitated as she told police to go away.

Officers broke the windows to the motel room and applied a Taser to the woman in order to detain her. She was examined for minor injuries to her wrist at an emergency room before being held for psychological evaluation.

* A Grandview Heights woman reported two laptop computers, headphones and a bag of hockey gear were stolen Nov. 21 from her car while it was parked in the 1600 block of Gateway Circle.

* A resident in the 2900 block of Parlin Drive reported Nov. 22 a cellphone that had been delivered to him at his apartment building was stolen. The man said when the phone did not arrive, he contacted the shipping company and learned it had been delivered Nov. 17. The phone was valued at $750.

* A Dayton man was arrested Nov. 23 after two employees at a store in the 1600 block of Stringtown Road identified him as the person who assaulted them when they tried to stop him from stealing home-construction items. George M. Siegel, 30, of Dayton, was arrested on a felony charge of robbery after an officer stopped his vehicle at 12:25 p.m. in the 1700 block of Stringtown Road shortly after the robbery occurred.

The store employees said Siegel knocked them to the ground as they attempted to stop him.

* A resident in the 3000 block of Kingston Avenue reported his car, valued at $18,000, was stolen Nov. 22. The man said he left the unlocked car parked in the driveway with the keys inside while he was away from his residence for about six hours.

* A man reported four guitars that belonged to him and his two brothers were stolen between Nov. 8 and Nov. 19 from the garage at his residence in the 2000 block of Dennis Lane. He said the guitars where kept in his garage, where he and his brothers practice for their band. The total value of the guitars was $1,850.

* A resident in the 3200 block of Farmbrook Drive reported Nov. 25 a laptop computer, GPS unit, digital camera and camcorder and $20 cash were stolen from his pickup truck. Total loss was reported at $1,870.

* A Grove City man reported Nov. 26 the stereo was stolen overnight from his pickup truck while it was parked in the 2200 block of Bainter Avenue. A window was broken to gain entry to the vehicle, causing $400 damage, and the dash sustained $500 damage when the stereo was stolen.

* A resident in the 3600 block of Lake Louise Drive was attempting to compile a list of the more than 100 guests who visited her home on Thanksgiving, Nov. 26, after she discovered a theft from her safe. The woman said that after her last guest left, she went upstairs to her master bedroom and discovered the safe had apparently been thrown to the floor to open it. A gold and diamond ring valued at $10,000 and $3,900 in cash were missing.

* A Grove City woman reported Nov. 30 that a neighbor had collected about $1,800 in donations through a fundraising website by falsely claiming to be suffering from terminal cancer. The woman said she donated $100 in gift certificates from local restaurants. She said her neighbor had been arrested for a drug offense and after she was released from jail, her account was removed from the fundraising site. She said she would be willing to file theft charges and help police identify other victims of the hoax.

* The manager at a restaurant in the 4100 block of Parkway Centre Drive reported Dec. 4 that two customers had been robbed in the parking lot.

Both men told police that in separate incidents, four men approached them as they exited their vehicles. The first man reported the suspects took a diamond ring, valued at $1,200, and $195 in cash from him. The second man said $100 in cash and a necklace were stolen from him.