The Columbus Metropolitan Library is looking for a little feedback.

The Columbus Metropolitan Library is looking for a little feedback.

The library is holding survey meetings at the main library and its 20 branches. From 7-9 p.m. on Oct. 7, Hilliard residents will get their chance to speak at the Hilliard branch, 4772 Cemetery Road.

Columbus Metropolitan Library spokesperson Kim Snell described the meetings as open forums led by members of the library's executive leadership team. Discussions will focus on branch-specific issues, but comments on the overall library system are appreciated, she said.

"It's their library. We're here to make them happy. We want to know what we're doing well and where we're coming up short," Snell said.

The meetings are part of the library's 2020 Vision Plan for Services and Facilities.

"Our goal is to develop a road map of sorts for our branches and buildings for the next 12 years in order to keep our libraries relevant and our communities strong," she said.

Snell said the 2010 levy renewal is a factor in holding the meetings.

"It's a nice way to prepare ourselves for what might come up during levy season," she said. "If there is something lingering out there, we want to make sure that we're prepared for any problems the community might see."

Snell said the timeline for any changes depends on what residents want.

"We can't build 21 new buildings, for example," she said. "It depends on how big and feasible (a solution) is."

Library executive director Patrick Losinski said the last time the library put together a similar effort was about 20 years ago. He said results included improvements to many of the branches and construction of the current Hilliard library.

"What you do is put together a plan that goes for a 10 to 20-year period of time, execute that plan, and then you start that process all over again. For us, we're starting that process over again," Losinski said.

He said reactions so far have been very positive.

"So far, if there's a consensus, it's about how much passion people have for the library. To listen to customers who used the library to learn to read for the first time as adults is very powerful," he said.

Library users don't have to attend any of the meetings to list their opinions. An online survey is available at