A couple of central Ohio military families will be getting some much needed financial help this holiday season, thanks to a Hilliard business.

A couple of central Ohio military families will be getting some much needed financial help this holiday season, thanks to a Hilliard business.

Leslie Sutandar, the manager of Old Navy on Hilliard Rome Road, said the company is putting funds in the hands of its managers this year to use for community outreach projects.

"Old Navy gave every single store in the country $1,000 to make a difference in whatever way we thought we could make the biggest impact," Sutandar said. "All of the Columbus stores have pooled together and have decided to do a couple of things."

While some of the stores have pooled about $4,000 to provide Children's Hospital with a new game kiosk, intended as a place for children to play while they're waiting for treatment, Sutandar said she had another idea in mind - trying to help a few military families that have been struggling in the current economy.

"One of our associates works full time for the National Guard, and put us in contact with the (National Guard's Family Readiness program), and they knew of a couple families in need," Sutandar said. "This is really fantastic."

Canal Winchester resident James Rosprim said he and his family are grateful for the help.

"They're helping us out with fixing our car, getting some of our bills paid up, and it sounds like they'll be able to get some of the family some new clothes," Rosprim said. "I was definitely surprised when we first heard about it - it felt like a very big weight was lifted."

Rosprim left active duty in the Marine Corps about a year and a half ago, he said. He and his wife, Etonne, and son Cameron (6) and daughter Isibeal (3) moved to Ohio from Camp LeJeune, N.C.

"Within a month after I got out (of the Marines) the economy took a nosedive," he said. "We went from - when I was on active duty I owned my own house and the bills were easy. We come up here and we're paying at least double what the mortgage was before."

Columbus resident Brian Sturgill said he was just as surprised to hear that his family would be getting a little help for the upcoming holiday season.

"It kind of came out of left field, but we thought it was pretty great," he said. "They're going to help us pay off some bills, and I think there may be some Christmas presents in it for my daughter."

Sturgill said he and his wife, Christiane, and daughter, Kira, moved to Columbus from Fort Drum, N.Y. after he got out of the Army.

"I was a truck driver in the Army, and I definitely didn't want to do that when I got back," he said. "I wanted to have a normal civilian life, be with my family, but I can't do that driving a truck all the time. We didn't see this recession coming, but I think that's everyone's story."

Sutandar said that anyone in the Hilliard area interested in helping out military families adjusting to the current state of the economy can contact the Ohio National Guard's Family Readiness office at 1-800-589-9914.