The Hilliard Convention & Visitors Bureau is expected to be dissolved in May, according to its president.

The Hilliard Convention & Visitors Bureau is expected to be dissolved in May, according to its president.

Steve Craig said, "We had a board meeting yesterday (Jan. 20), and the board had allocated some funds to various groups who had requested them."

According to secretary Brenda Kazmierczak, the CVB distributed $66,000 to six organizations, with the Franklin County Fair receiving $15,000; Franklin County Junior Livestock, $1,000; Hilliard Music Boosters, $5,000; Washington Township Parks & Recreation Department, $5,000; Hilliard Community Foundation, $25,000; and the Northwest Franklin County Historical Society and Museum receiving $15,000.

"We just had an election of officers again at this meeting, and I was again elected treasurer," said John Ulen, who has served in that role on and off for several years.

Prior to the meeting, former council member Susan Bogan had been treasurer of the CVB. Bogan said she was told meeting notices were mailed out Friday, but she when she received the notice on Jan. 21, it was postmarked Jan. 20, the date of the meeting.

"I'm not surprised," Bogan said. "I'm still rather frustrated I was not included, because I've been open and honest with both sides."

Craig said at the meeting the board "determined that we are going to wind up the affairs of the bureau by the end of April. We should get one more check from the city (for the last quarter of last year). At least legally we're entitled to it. I don't know if they'll forward it or not. I assume they will. I suppose technically we're entitled to a prorated share of the first quarter of this year, until Feb. 24, when the legislation becomes effective (to change the distribution of a portion of the city's bedding tax income from the CVB to a council-formed group called Destination Hilliard), but I don't know whether that will happen or not."

"We're in the midst of getting this thing wound down, getting rid of our furniture and equipment, and the publications we still have on hand. And then the board will meet again the end of April, first of May to determine what we'll do with the rest of the money. I'll get final paperwork to dissolve the bureau, I think probably sometime in May."

Craig said the bureau's office on 5354 Cemetery Road can't close until the end of April, because the landlord requires three months notice. Sometime before then, though, the CVB's Web site will be taken down and the phone disconnected.

Ulen said, "This organization essentially no longer has any funding from the city of Hilliard. We had a number of requests in as far as funding is concerned, so we addressed those individual requests. Then we are going to keep the organization alive for several months to come and there will still be some funds available. Probably what we will do is distribute them to other charitable organizations within the Hilliard area."

Kazmierczak said she has been with the CVB for 10 years and is sad to see it go.

"It was an organization that they had started to bring money from Columbus into Hilliard, and then to be ousted the way the city did it is kind of disheartening. And to know the hard work that Steve Craig and John Ulen - they've been with the organization from its onset. So for them to see it go, too, it's sad," Kazmierczak said.

Craig, who lives in Norwich Township, said Hilliard's "City council can do whatever it thinks is best with the money.

"The politicians can do whatever they choose to do. I've never made a dime off this. I was just doing it because I've been involved in the community all of these years. It's just something you want to do to help give back. If they want to direct their funds otherwise, they can do so. All we need to do now is just watch what they do with them."