The search is under way for a new member of Hilliard City Council.

The search is under way for a new member of Hilliard City Council.

Council's Dan Nichter resigned March 26, a day after he was indicted on 10 counts of passing bad checks.

A Franklin County grand jury indicted Nichter on 10 counts of passing bad checks on March 25. He is scheduled to be arraigned on April 9 in Franklin County Common Pleas Court.

According to the Ohio Revised Code, passing bad checks can be a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the amount of the checks. In Nichter's case, nine of the 10 charges are considered fifth-degree felonies and one is a fourth-degree felony.

Nichter wrote an e-mail to Hilliard Mayor Don Schonhardt and City Council President Brett Sciotto March 26, saying, "Although the recent allegations against me are untrue, I have a great deal of respect for the administration, my fellow council members and the role of a public official. I choose not to have this case tried in the court of public opinion. My first obligation is to my family, and in the interest of protecting them and ensuring that this matter does not become a distraction to our city, I respectfully resign my position on city council effective immediately. I appreciate the support I have received throughout this and cherished the opportunity to serve the citizens of Hilliard."

Sciotto said Nichter's term will end next year, and a replacement will be sought for the remainder of the term. He said the vacancy will be announced, with a solicitation of applications and resumes from the public, interviews and an appointment.

"It'll be a very open process," Sciotto said. "We'll take our time to do it, and we will solicit widely applicants from the community."

Sciotto said council will discuss the vacancy at its April 12 meeting, and hopes to have a replacement selected by the end of May.