My wife and I bought a house and moved to Hilliard a year ago. So far it's been OK.

My wife and I bought a house and moved to Hilliard a year ago. So far it's been OK.

To its credit, the schools are supposedly excellent, but I'll decide that for myself once our two-year-old is actually using them. The only other plus to Hilliard that I can see is that the home prices per square foot are reasonable compared to what we looked at in Upper Arlington and Worthington.

There are two complaints I have regarding Hilliard. First, it isn't much to look at; in fact, it's just downright scruffy, run down and dated in certain pockets, but there's not much I, alone, can do about that. Partly I question past zoning decisions that resulted in single-family residential, multi-family residential, rental housing and commercial property all mixed within one quarter of a mile of each other.

The other complaint I have, which I more likely can do something about, is with this heavy-handed mentality that I consistently see out of the city of Hilliard every few weeks or months. I would really like to know who at city hall thinks they represent the wishes of the people of Hilliard with some of these stupid, out-of-touch positions and legal disputes they've taken on lately.

Most recently, I've been appalled at the city of Hilliard's unwillingness to support workers compensation benefits for the family of Diane Sharp, who heroically and unflinchingly sacrificed herself while in the employment of Hilliard and in so doing saved the life of a young resident.

Before that, it was the city's handling of the residential trash services contract competition where Waste Management, a company that residents made clear they were very pleased with and fond of, was seemingly replaced with a company that only city hall wanted and which was a company many residents had a negative opinion of. And before that, it was the protracted dispute over a perfectly nice painting of a simple sunflower on the side of someone's detached garage.

In my short year here in Hilliard, it's become quite apparent that there's something wrong within city hall. Somewhere, within that chamber, perhaps on the part of the mayor, the president of city council or some coalition of members of city council, there's a petty, draconian, combative mindset and attitude that needs gotten rid of.