Students at Hilliard Station Sixth Grade got a wet lesson in teamwork at last week's Survivor Day.

Students at Hilliard Station Sixth Grade got a wet lesson in teamwork at last week's Survivor Day.

Over the course of three mornings, the school's 555 students were divided into five teams that participated in a dozen outdoor activities on Memorial Middle School's football field. Parent volunteers helped put on the inaugural event.

"We used to do Camp Joy (an outdoor education program based in Warren County)," said Station media aide Mindy Atwood. "This is similar to that: different bonding experiences. I told the kids to be sure they're ready to get wet."

In a notice from Principal Bruce Stephanic, students were warned to wear older clothing and to bring a change of clothes because "there are several stations that involve water. Don't forget: a towel and sunscreen."

Among the activities for Station's first Survivor Day were four-way volleyball (the net looks like a cross), catching balls in a fishing net that were shot from a slingshot, passing wet sponges over one's head and relays where the winner was the group that had the most water in a bucket.

"They're team-building activities," said Jill Logan, 21st Century Skills teacher at Hilliard Station. "You get to do these activities and work together and communicate with each other. It's key, because with this being the first time these kids are in this building, a lot of them have never met each other before. We do group projects where they need to be able to work with other people."

Although it's called Survivor Day, it doesn't have much to do with the reality TV show, Logan said.

After the first day's events, Survivor Day was already deemed a success and may become an annual event, Logan said.

"From what the kids and staff members have told me, they thought it went very well," Logan said. "The kids were engaged the whole 2? hours. We asked one group if they wanted to take a break and they said no, they wanted to keep going because they were having so much fun."