If your church's Christmas Eve services don't fit into your family's holiday schedule, it might provide a good opportunity to attend services at another church in the Hilliard or Upper Arlington area.

If your church's Christmas Eve services don't fit into your family's holiday schedule, it might provide a good opportunity to attend services at another church in the Hilliard or Upper Arlington area.

"We have people who come to our 11 p.m. late service because that's part of their family tradition, but their church's service is at 7," said Hilliard United Methodist Church Pastor David Ziegel.

Located between the Sanctuary Building and Warehouse 839, Ziegel said that his church offers seven Christmas Eve services, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Like many churches, HUMC has three types of services: family-oriented (the kids can come and the service may last only 45 minutes), contemporary (which may include a Christian rock praise band), and traditional (with candlelight and/or communion).

Here are what some other randomly chosen churches in Hilliard and Upper Arlington have planned for Christmas Eve and the rest of the weekend:

Upper Arlington Lutheran Church has a total of 10 services among its three campuses, said spokeswoman Barb Wills. In addition, it will hold one at 10 a.m. Christmas Day at the Lytham Road location in Upper Arlington.

"It's much less attended," Wills said. "They tend to be families without young kids, because getting kids rounded up on Christmas morning is kind of hard to do."

In contrast, Upper Arlington Grace will only have a 5 p.m. Christmas Eve service, said worship director Bob Gardner.

"I think the idea is we'd rather have one full house than two half-full houses," Gardner said. "We intentionally do it earlier, because people traditionally in our community and our church like to schedule their dinner after Christmas Eve service."

Mountview Baptist Church at Fishinger and Mountview roads will have a 6 p.m. Christmas Eve family service and a 7:30 p.m. candlelight service, due to the number of people who attend, said administrative assistant Lynn Swonger.

"We get a lot of additional people," Swonger said. "We send a mailer out to surrounding neighborhoods to invite them to come out that evening so we got quite a few who come for that (and) families that are here visiting in town, we have a lot of relatives of people who attend here."

Riverside United Methodist Church on Zollinger Road will have three Christmas Eve services: a 5:30 p.m. for families in the sanctuary, 7:30 p.m. contemporary in the fellowship hall, and an 11 p.m. traditional service in the sanctuary.

"The 11 p.m. one, the choir is there and there's communion," said Don Adams, director of administration for RUMC. "People normally come back from college with their families for that."

Hilliard Presbyterian Church will have services on Christmas Eve (at 8 p.m.), Christmas Day (10 a.m.) and the 10 a.m. service on Dec. 26, Pastor Jim Browne said.

"For us, the big news is getting back into the sanctuary and being able to have church back there where we really want it," Browne said. The sanctuary needed its roof ripped off after 24 of the 31 trusses broke and the congregation spent 7 months worshiping in the fellowship hall.

The Church Next Door on Feder Road will have identical Christmas Eve services at 4 and 5:30 p.m. to accommodate families who have to travel afterwards. What's unique for the church is the Jingle Jam Family Fun at 9 and 10:45 a.m. Dec. 26.

"It's basically to have fun and to celebrate the birth of Christ in more of a kid-centric way," Pastor Doyle Jackson said of the Jingle Jam. "We'll have games - they're kind of like Nickelodeon games where the whole audience participates."

Scioto Ridge United Methodist Church on Dublin Road will have five Christmas Eve services, said director of welcoming Lynda Weiss.

"The 3 p.m. is a celebration of the Christmas story by and for families," Weiss said. "All children are invited to come dressed as a character from the Christmas story - shepherd, stable animal, wise man - and be a part of our Christmas story tableaux."

St. Brendan the Navigator Church on Dublin Road will have a Blue Christmas Mass at 6:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve, said Sister Patricia McMahon.

"It's more subdued and it's been prepared particularly for people who might be seeking a more reflective liturgical experience," McMahon said. "Sometimes the Christmas season can be very sad and painful for persons who live with a serious illness, who have lost a loved one, a job or whatever is happening that Christmas that is not joyful. It's more a matter of tidings of comfort and quiet joy."

Covenant Presbyterian Church at Ridgecliff and Redding roads will have three Christmas Eve services: 5 p.m. family, 8 p.m. candlelight Lessons and Carols, and 11 p.m. candlelight communion. The 5 p.m. service features a children's pageant.

"We read the scriptures from the stories from the two different gospels that weave together the Christmas story," said Katie Kinnison, director of Christian education. "The kids sing in between the scriptures. The kids are great on the chorus, but the adults help them out on the verses.

"The children can come up and they dress as shepherds or angels, although one year, we had a Thomas the Tank Engine."