Hilliard's EverGreen Team is about to be recycled into the city's Environmental Sustainability Commission (ESC).

Hilliard's EverGreen Team is about to be recycled into the city's Environmental Sustainability Commission (ESC).

According to the city's website, the ESC "shall review existing green policies and advise city council, the mayor, and city officials in the initiation and or development of programs that will create or enhance sustainable practices within our community." The ESC will be separate from the Shade Tree Commission.

Council is expected to approve formation of the ESC at its Feb. 28 meeting. During the ordinance's second reading, council president Brett Sciotto said forming an ESC came out of an initiative at last year's retreat.

"We met with Carrie Stanley-Davis as a representative of the Hilliard EverGreen Team and had posed an initial question to them," Sciotto said. "Did they want to continue in their separate capacity, or did they want to merge these two efforts?"

Stanley-Davis said the EverGreen Team was a project of the Leadership Hilliard development program. She was president of the EverGreen Team, which had seven core members. Projects included a recycling day with the Hilliard City Schools District.

"We made the decision together," Stanley-Davis said of dissolving the Green Team. "We really saw an opportunity to take what we're trying to do to the next level."

"I'm very happy that it's going to be moved over here as a commission of the city," councilman Albert Iosue said of the green team during a recent council meeting.

The ESC will have seven to nine volunteer members who live in the school district, and several members of the EverGreen Team, including Stanley-Davis, have applied to be part of it.

"I would hope I would be chosen to be part of the commission," Stanley-Davis said, "but if we get seven candidates that are above and beyond my criteria, that's what's best for the community and that's the direction I want it to go."

Regardless of who's appointed, she said volunteers are still needed, and they can send a letter of interest and a biography/resume to city hall. Council is expected to screen applicants at a committee meeting Feb. 28. People can still apply through Friday, Feb. 25.

"We're going to take these kinds of things seriously in the arena of becoming greener and environmentally responsible and hopefully becoming a model for the rest of the region and the country," Sciotto said.

The ESC is expected to have its first meeting in March, Stanley-Davis said, start applying for grants and will launch its first public project in April for Earth Day.