For the sixth year, the Hilliard Arts Council is sponsoring a drama camp for students entering grades 1-6.

For the sixth year, the Hilliard Arts Council is sponsoring a drama camp for students entering grades 1-6.

This year's camp will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. August 1-5 at the Hilliard Community Center.

Executive director Robin Brenneman said the camp was created by parental demand.

"There's just not a ton of stuff (locally) for elementary-aged children in terms of opportunities to do theater," Brenneman said. "We thought it would be good to offer an opportunity to do a camp like this. It gets them out of the house, gives them something to do.

"My own granddaughters are doing the camp this year for the first time," she said. "I'm pretty excited to see how they like it."

The campers will take part in theater and music workshops led by instructors Jason Smith, who has a theater degree from Bowling Green State University; and Abby Schwartz, a Hilliard resident and Dublin middle school teacher.

"Basically, the kids start out doing some theater games to learn the very basics of acting and how to create a character," Brenneman said.

The younger kids develop their own script based on a fairy tale, while the older kids perform a short play. All will audition for parts, which is something every actor will have to do in their lives.

Brenneman said they will learn about set design, and they help paint and decorate the scenery. The kids will develop their own costumes and stage makeup, learn a song-and-dance routine, and memorize lines. Finally, the kids will give a performance Friday afternoon for their parents at the Hilliard Senior Center.

Some of the children who attend the drama camp go on to perform in Arts Council productions, and some children who have already been in a production will attend the drama camp, Brenneman said.

"When we did 'A Christmas Carol' last year, several of the kids who had been in drama camp ended up being involved," she said. "We've had kids who have done drama camp every single year, from the time that they were old enough to start, all the way through sixth grade.

"We also hire four high school- or college-aged kids to serve as counselors at the camp," Brenneman said. "I have a feeling that some of those kids (in the camp) will be counselors some day."

There are 30 kids currently signed up for the camp, Brenneman said, but 10 more students can be added. The fee is $150, and snacks are provided. To sign up, call Robin Brenneman at (614) 527-4407 or visit to download an application.