Hilliard's comprehensive plan has moved out of committee and will be presented to city council on Sept. 12.

Hilliard's comprehensive plan has moved out of committee and will be presented to city council on Sept. 12.

The city planning, projects and services committee forwarded the plan to council at a 15-minute meeting on Aug. 29.

But members Albert Iosue and Tim Roberts did not give a recommendation to adopt the long-awaited plan, because it hadn't been presented yet.

"Our process will be at first reading, we will have a presentation for council," said director of public service Clyde Seidle. "The consultant (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.) will be back for the second reading as well, to answer questions the public or members of council may have during the public hearing."

Seidle said this will give council members a couple of weeks to read the 233-page document, and another couple of weeks to look it over before the public has its say at the ordinance's second reading.

Roberts said that after consultation with city planner John Talentino and clerk of council Lynne Fasone, he felt this was the best way to handle the ordinance, because committee member Jim Ashenhurst wasn't present at the Aug. 29 meeting.

"Why go through it twice? Let's get the process moving," Roberts said.

In December 2008, council authorized Stantec to prepare an updated comprehensive plan that addresses the city's future needs in land use, transportation, utilities, parks and recreation. Iosue noted that the plan took longer to complete than the city's original timeline.

"It got to be a little bit more involved, more things coming out of the public meetings than we had originally anticipated," Seidle said. "The delays were in as much our review of some of those things and getting them back in time, as much as the consultant responding to some of those details. It took longer than anticipated, but no additional dollars (were spent)."

"I think they did a terrific job," Mayor Don Schonhardt said of those who worked on the comprehensive plan. "They identified focus areas that they and we believe to be critical components that we needed to concentrate attention on."

Those focus areas are: Old Hilliard; the I-270 corridor; the retired railroad corridor; and an area that falls within the Big Darby Accord watershed plan, some of which is beyond the city's current boundaries.

Hilliard's planning and zoning commission reviewed the comprehensive plan at its meetings July 14 and Aug. 11, and voted unanimously to forward a positive recommendation on to council.

According to Fasone, the plan is scheduled to go before council's three-reading process on Sept. 12, Sept. 26 and Oct. 24. If approved Oct. 24, it would go into effect Nov. 24.

The draft of the comprehensive plan can be read by clicking on the quick link on the city's website homepage, hilliardohio.gov.