Bradley High School athletics director Neill W. "Chip" Ebert II resigned March 12 in the midst of an investigation regarding the alleged misuse of tournament funds.

Bradley High School athletics director Neill W. "Chip" Ebert II resigned March 12 in the midst of an investigation regarding the alleged misuse of tournament funds.

According to a conduct unbecoming form filed with the Ohio Department of Education, "Mr. Ebert resigned under threat of termination due to co-mingling Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) and personal funds and diverting such funds into a private account. It appears that Mr. Ebert has made restitution to our satisfaction."

In a statement, the district announced it found out about "allegations regarding use of funds from a personal high school tournament account outside the district's control." District spokeswoman Amanda Morris said the allegations were made in mid-February.

The district initiated a third-party audit of all OHSAA tournament accounts, as well as a separate investigation of Ebert.

Athletic directors are allowed by the OHSAA to create the checking accounts to manage funds generated from hosting tournaments, separate from an athletic department's general account. In the statement, the district said it is "ending the practice of these outside OHSAA tournament accounts Bringing these accounts under the district's umbrella makes sense and places them with a trusted, verified and accountable source."

A spokesperson for the OHSAA said "policies regarding tournament accounts are being analyzed."

Ebert, 47, was the athletic director at Bradley when the school opened in 2009. Previously, he was the athletic director at Darby since 2004. His resignation was approved by the board of education at its March 12 meeting. According to the district, Ebert had a base salary of $90,729 and received an additional $10,090.19 from a State Teachers Retirement System contribution.

Morris said the district is in contact with the Ohio Department of Education, the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney, and a third-party auditor has been in contact with the State Auditor's Office. The Hilliard Police Department is also investigating. Ebert has not been charged with a crime. Because the investigation continues, officials could not comment further.

However, public records obtained by The Columbus Dispatch revealed a $40,560 discrepancy in tournament bank account deposits over a two-and-a-half-year period, and transfers totaling $10,600 to three personal accounts.

Ebert told the accountant investigating the case that "some of it was my own mad money," and that he deposited $16,375 to the tournament account to pay back the transfers.

Morris said Ebert was being investigated only for the funding matter and no other district staff members are being investigated.

"Athletic department accounts at all three high schools and all other district accounts are audited on a regular basis and are in good standing order," the district statement said.

Nick Gaston has been named Bradley's interim athletic director for the remainder of the school year. He was previously Bradley's assistant athletics director.

"Parents and students should not notice any changes to athletics or to the support they need," the district said.

Collin Binkley, Rob Messinger, and Bill Bush of The Columbus Dispatch contributed to this story.